Brie and Matt

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How We Met

High school sweethearts, long distance relationship, an interracial couple… while there are many labels that could be applied to our relationship, the one that brings me the most joy is the term “fiancé.” For me, it sums up the 6 years of dating leading up to the moment where he took me around to the back of the Lincoln memorial in Washington DC and got down on one knee. “Fiancé” reminds me of the way the sun was setting over the tidal basin as he told me how much and how long he has loved me. “Fiancé” reminds me that even though the idea of planning a wedding during our last semester of undergrad seems overwhelming, there’s no way that it won’t be worth it. His love for me that late afternoon was evident in every single detail—from taking me ice skating at my favorite rink to having a photographer to capture the moment to the tears that he tried to wipe away as he verbalized how special I am to him. Being his fiancé is a titled I’m honored to wear, but also one that I can’t wait to replace with the title of “wife.”

how they asked

It was our six year anniversary and we were in Washington, DC. We went out for a casual lunch–my style–instead of the fancy lunch he had suggested. We followed that up with ice skating around the sculpture garden on the national mall, and went from there to visit our favorite sights. By the time the sun began to set, we made our way around the back of the Lincoln Memorial. Standing between two pillars, he turned to face me and began talking about our history and what we’ve been through to lead us to this point. As he dropped to one knee, both of us started crying and I joyfully accepted his proposal and the ring! It was perfect because I could tell how much thought and love he had put into our proposal.