Bridgette and Peter

How We Met

PETER: While finishing my junior year of college, I took a part-time job as a music director at a local church in Los Angeles. Bridgette and I met through mutual friends that attended the college group, and while we would see each other from time to time, we didn’t end up connecting until an unexpected trip to Disneyland.

That Thanksgiving, while driving home to northern California, my college roommate (and soon-to-be best man) totaled my car only 20 miles into our trip. As a result, we were forced to stay in LA over the holidays. In an attempt to cheer us up, a friend bought us tickets to Disneyland, and we forgot our car troubles for a day at the most magical place on earth. We went with a group of friends from church, and this was the first time I really had a chance to hang out with the beautiful girl that is now my fiancé. She came along for the trip with our mutual friends, and we hit it off right away, despite being very different people.

Fun side note: I found out after we started dating that Bridgette was dreading this Disneyland trip because it was just supposed to be her and her girlfriends until my friend and I were invited last minute. She didn’t know us well at the time and felt like she would be the odd one out, so she called a BUNCH of friends trying to get another person to go! Ironically, this trip was when we ended up really connecting!

That Disneyland adventure was the start of a very real friendship that only deepened when I asked Bridgette to co-lead a small group with me at church. We began to debrief after every meeting, and our conversations just got longer and longer until I finally decided to ask her out!

Ten years later, and we now run a wedding photography and videography business together. We’ve navigated both the best and hardest seasons in our lives together, seen each other grow, challenged one another, loved, fought, believed, and persevered. It’s amazing how the right person can both confirm all of the best qualities in you and sharpen the ones that need some work.

Then on Sunday evening, December 16th, on a beautiful beach in Santa Barbara, I asked her the most important question!

How They Asked

BRIDGETTE: Peter planned everything out so perfectly! He knows the beach holds a special place in my heart, so we went up to Santa Barbara under the pretext of exchanging branding videos with our friends James and Jess who are amazing wedding photographers. When we arrived at their house, they did a great job of playing it off as we caught up and talked about the shoot. After some laughs, a drink, and even a few magic tricks, we headed to the beach for our “shoot.” As Peter and I walked along the beach hand-in-hand admiring the beautiful pink and purple sunset, he slowly began to lead me towards a large piece of driftwood.

Bridgette's Proposal in Santa Barbara, CA

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Engagement Proposal Ideas in Santa Barbara, CA

As we made our way around it, perfectly laid out was a beautiful display of white roses and champagne waiting for us! It took me a while to catch on to what was actually happening. Then all of a sudden, he was down on one knee with the biggest smile on his face and tears in his eyes as he held out a ring! He began telling me about how much he loves me and that he wants to continue to adventure with me the rest of our lives! Everything went hazy, and it all just seemed like a dream, but somehow I managed to say, “YES!”

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Santa Barbara, CA

Where to Propose in Santa Barbara, CA

Peter put the ring on my finger as James and Jess continued to capture the moment and pop some champagne! After we had a second to compose ourselves, he pulled out a guitar and asked if he could play me a song. He started to sing the song he wrote for me exactly 10 YEARS before when we had first started dating!!! Everything went blurry again as tears began to well up and fall down my face!

Bridgette and Peter's Engagement in Santa Barbara, CA

Peter completely blew me away that day with his thoughtfulness, sentimentality and genuine love. I’m so grateful that I get to love such a man and spend my life with him. I can’t stop thinking about all the amazing things we are going to do together as we start this journey and will forever remember that perfect moment!

PETER: I’ve truly learned what it means to love someone without boundaries, without conditions, recognizing that I’m wrong (A LOT ;), and finding beauty in that journey together.

Bridgette is the most beautiful person I know, inside and out. Her capacity for love and sensitivity towards others continues to astound me, even after a decade of watching her light the world around her. I’m becoming the person I was always meant to be because of her, and I’m amazed that it’s the same on her end.

Through our years together, I’ve come to believe that the true definition of “soulmate” isn’t a person who’s perfectly suited for you. Instead, an authentic soulmate is a person who sees you for all that you are, finds beauty in your strengths, and decides to love you through the challenges. It’s a person who won’t give up on you in spite of your imperfection and inspires you to be the person you’re capable of becoming.

Bridgette is this person for me, which is why I had to lock her down! We’ve truly been best friends for what already seems like a lifetime. Just ask any of our friends! The most common response we got when we started calling people to tell them the good news was “FINALLY!!”

I proposed to my best friend, my business partner, and the most gorgeous woman I know! I love her with everything that’s in me, and I can’t wait for what’s ahead!

(And a big thank you to my best friend Kee Hyon, who crashed my car all those years ago!)

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