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Wedding Proposal Ideas in Nash Square Park, Raleigh, NC

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Dear Family & Friends,

It was just a typical Saturday morning for me. I’m in nursing school, so I barely have time to relax and take the day off. So, Saturday’s are my days. No school. Just fun. So, when I got home Friday from school-after taking a final exam-I was so excited to snuggle up on the couch with my boys and sleep in late the next morning.

Around 11am or so Saturday morning, Patrick is already up and about. He ATTEMPTS to wake me. He (& Jaxon) come into the bedroom to try to wake sleeping beauty up but NOPE, I was out. Patrick told me to get up and enjoy the beautiful day out. Little did I know how beautiful of a day it would be!

I finally drag my butt out of bed around 1:00 pm- ya girl can sleep!

But of course, before I actually got out of the bed, I had to check my phone. I had numerous text messages from friends. I scrolled down to a message from Heather (Because I had already made plans with her today):

10:34 am – from Heather- “Hey boo we still on for today?”
1:02 pm – me- “yes”

haha. I was only a couple hours late responding lol. Heather and I had already planned on having a girl’s day Saturday. Were we going to the nail salon and to Whiskey Kitchen downtown Raleigh to meet some of her co-workers for a “drop-in”? I didn’t really understand what kind of event it was but I didn’t care. I just wanted to hang out and Heather told me there would be free booze, so I was down.

The event didn’t start until 5p so I had planned just to roll out of bed, throw on leggings and a t-shirt, and go to the nail salon (b/c I could come back home after and get ready for the event) but Heather insisted that I get ready beforehand. So, I drag my butt to the shower because Heather told me she would be here around 2:30-2:45p.

It’s 2:45p- I’m not ready haha. I’m running around like a mad woman trying to hurry while Patrick is washing the dog (THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN A HINT BRIDGETTE- PATRICK WAS WASHING THE DOG WITHOUT ME ASKING HIM TOO!)

3p- I’m dressed and running out the door to meet Heather. I kiss Patrick goodbye and we planned on meeting each other out later on that evening.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Nash Square Park, Raleigh, NC

On the way to the nail salon, I’m contemplating getting acrylic nails because:

A. I’m in nursing school and I wasn’t quite sure if it would be ok to have them
B. My nails are HORRENDOUS! They needed some TLC

So I text my classmate, Morgan for some validation. She gives me the go ahead. Honestly, I was just looking for that push for the go-ahead. I had been DYING to have my nails done.

Where to Propose in Nash Square Park, Raleigh, NC

While having my nails done, I meet an older lady and we are chatting it up. We are just having small talk and I compliment her on her rings. Her wedding and engagement rings. Then I actually pulled out my cell phone to show her a picture of the engagement ring that Pat and I actually had picked out in January (WHAT A FREAKING COINCIDENCE!). She asked how long we had been together and I told her 6 years.

Then she asked THE question. The question that everyone ALWAYS asks me. I knew was coming.

“When are y’all getting married?”

You know what I said?———-> “I don’t know but he needs to hurry up”

After we have our nails and toes done (BTW I messed up my big toe 2x so they kept having to repaint it- they were so nice though- Praise be) we decided to go next door to Piola, a reintervention of the quintessential Italian establishment- the pizzeria, to have a cocktail because we needed to waste some time before we headed downtown to meet her co-workers.- You never want to show up early for an event- that’s not the “cool” thing to do.

While there, Heather and I are chatting about marriage. Go figure.

On the way dt, Heather goes the wrong way out of the parking garage (exits out of the entrance) and runs a stop sign when merging onto Glenwood avenue. I didn’t think nothing of it. It was a simple mistake but little to my knowledge, Heather was in a tizzy because she KNEW what was about to go down. Poor thing was so nervous but she did such a great job keeping it a secret!

Now, we finally leave to go downtown. Of course, there’s multiple events going on and NO WHERE to park. We finally say screw it and we park in a lot that may or may not have been illegal to park in.

Now we are walking towards Whiskey Kitchen. We decided to cut through Nash Square park to get to Whiskey Kitchen because duh! Taking the hypotenuse is quicker.

When approaching the park, we notice little blue pinwheels flanking the sidewalks up to, what looked like, to be a homeless woman giving away a dog. We get closer, and this lady is sitting on the curb where the sidewalk splits and has a sign that read “FREE DOG SHIH TZU” with a crate behind it. Immediately, I was like “Heather we have to go see!” I just knew that I was about to come home and explain to Patrick why we have another dog.

I walk up to the lady with the free dog. Without any hesitation, when I laid my eyes on that shih tzu, I knew that that dog was in fact my dog, Jaxon. I was instantly confused and so many emotions rushed over me. I was distraught. Why was my dog out here? Who is this woman? How did this crazy lady get my dog? Why does she have my dog? I was scared, angry, upset, and confused. I looked at Heather and repeatedly said “this is Jaxon”. This appeared to be homeless lady, told me that she “found the dog” and that he “had a collar on”. At the same time, Heather was telling me to check the collar to see if it has a name. BUT NO. I didn’t check the collar. I didn’t need to. That was my dog. My son. Jaxon.

About that time, Patrick appears from behind the tree. And might I add- looking very handsome in his button up and what I call, his fancy shoes.

Oh, Lord. I was REALLY confused now. While having Jax in my arms, I’m freaked out and asking Patrick why was Jaxon out here? About to literally have a panic attack. Patrick looks me in my eyes and tells me to read Jaxon’s collar. Y’all.

It read “Will you marry my dad”. At this point I was completely overwhelmed with so many emotions. I can’t breathe. My heart feels like it may burst out of my chest. I’m having an out of body experience. I’m dissociating. I starting crying. I can’t speak. I’m doing the Kim Kardashian ugly cry. (you’ll see on the pictures)

Patrick then says, “I met you at this building right here (pointing to the building behind him) and you’ve been my love ever since. Will you please make me the happiest man in the world and be my love forever?”


and asks, “Will you marry me?”

I say “yes, of course!” before he can even finish asking me.

On April 21, 2018, around 5:30 pm, in Nash Square Park downtown Raleigh, NC, across from the condo building where Patrick and I met almost 6 years ago, was the best day of my entire life. Filled with so much emotion. Emotions I can’t explain to y’all. Feelings that I have never felt before. Everything was perfect and I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with this man.


Love, the future Mrs. Patterson


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