Bridgette and KJ

Bridgette's Proposal in Milwaukee Wisconsin

How We Met

Kj and I first met in high school through mutual friends at the ages of 15 and 16. We attended rival high schools, but often found ourselves hanging out in the same friend group. I always thought he was cute, but it wasn’t until one summer night that I found out he felt the same. Kj asked me to be his girlfriend on August 22, 2009 and its hard to remember a time where we weren’t a part of each others lives. Kj has become a part of my family and I have become a part of his. When KJ went off to college in the 2011 I insisted on going our separate ways knowing that the odds of dating long distance were not in our favor, especially because he was a D1 athlete and I knew he would be busy trying to balance school and diving, let alone a girlfriend. He, however being the stubborn man that he is insisted we give it a shot- looking back now I’m so glad we did. While visiting him in college we developed a ritual. I would cheer him on at his dive meets in the afternoon, we would go out that night, and the next day we would ALWAYS grab a bagel and a coffee then head to the lakefront of Milwaukee. We would find the best rock to sit on and could spend ours talking about life and everywhere it had taken us. We would talk about dreams and aspirations and beating the odds of lasting forever as a couple. Flash forward to November 2017 and I decided to it was time to quit the long distance and take a chance. I packed up my life in Illinois and moved to Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Bridgette and KJ's Engagement in Milwaukee Wisconsin

how they asked

It was September 15th, the most beautiful sunny day! KJ and I had planned to go to a local wine fest in the afternoon, and were going to head to a nice dinner in the evening. Our idea of the perfect date day! All morning I kept insisting that we skip the wine festival and soak up the last bit of sunshine we could at the pool. Kj was VERY persistent that we stick to our plans and go to the wine festival, as I had been talking about it for two weeks straight. I never once thought it was odd how persistent he was to go to a wine fest he probably didn’t even want to go to. So we went and had the best time sipping new wines, indulging on Wisconsin cheese curds, and browsing the local shops. On our way back home to freshen up for dinner I noticed KJ got off at the wrong exit. We were headed for the lakefront and I had not a clue as to why. We parked the car and began walking to “our spot.” As we drew closer Kj quietly whispered “can you believe we have been together for 9 years?” It finally hit me, I knew the one simple question I had been dreaming of was about to slip out of his mouth! He walked me through the ups and downs of those 9 amazing years together and asked me to spend the rest of our years together as husband and wife. Before I knew it he was on one knee and there were people around us clapping and cheering! It’s like the whole world stopped for just one minute. Once I gathered myself and stopped (happy) crying we found a rock to sit on and took in the moment. Little did I know we weren’t really going to a nice dinner but instead Kj had both of our families back home waiting for us to celebrate. We popped champagne, ate pizza, and celebrated with those we love most!