Bridgette and Jack

Arkansas Proposal IdeasHow we met: Jack and I met on July 5th, 2011, on the University of Arkansas campus. We were taking Microbiology during the summer session, and had never met each other before. We happened to walk from the lecture portion of the class to the lab together, and Jack asked me to be his lab partner – Microbiology never sounded so fun!

how they asked: On the day of my graduation from nursing school at the University of Arkansas, Jack insisted that we go find his name on “Senior Walk.”

After you graduate, the University engraves your name into the sidewalk, and he had found out that his was finally finished. I was reluctant to go walking around campus in the cold rain, but he insisted.

After we found his name on the sidewalk and were walking back to the car, I noticed that we were walking the same path that we had the first day we met.

All of a sudden, Jack turned to me and said “so, I have something to ask you…” and got down on one knee! I can’t even remember what he said after that, I was so in shock- I just know I said “YES!”

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To add to the special moment, I realized that the ring he had for me was the stone that my dad had proposed to my mom with!


I’m so thankful that Ashlyn was there to capture every moment and I’m so glad I agreed to go for a walk in the cold rain!

Photography: Ashyln Dillard – AJDphotos