Bridgette and Danny

how we met

We have known each other since middle school but never dated.  As we grew up we constantly ran into each other or ended up in the same place by pure serendipity.  Eventually, we began dating and 8 years later he proposed.

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how they asked

“Third Times A Charm” My fiancé had the ring purchased since March this year. He wanted to propose somewhere outside of Miami so that it would be memorable for us both. Persistently asking me for a long weekend getaway, with my hectic work schedule it seemed almost impossible! Thankfully, I was given a last minute weekend off in May & we booked our flights to Chicago, IL. I had no idea what was in store for this trip!

He figured he’d propose at one of Chicago’s popular landmarks, “The Bean.” We had a delicious brunch that morning & proceeded to the bean; admired it with all the other crowds of tourists. He takes out his tripod to capture the moment he gets down on one knee, and the tripod breaks! Very frustrated, he takes about 20 minutes trying to fix it until I finally tell him to let it go and move on to the rest of our day sight seeing. (Attempt #1 failed)

We spent the following day sight seeing, and he thought, ‘okay! I’ll propose at the top of the sky deck.’ As we walk into the building, there is a live picture from the top showing ZERO visibility due to heavy fog! Of course, I tell him there’s no way we’re paying to go up there and see nothing– so plans cancelled. (Attempt #2 failed).
Later that night, we had agreed to go visit the Buckingham Fountain landmark before our dinner reservations. It was freezing that night, and as a Miami resident all my life, I said I could do without the fountain if it would save me from being so cold– he kindly ignored my idea and insisted we go! (It was his last chance!) We get to this amazingly beautiful fountain and admire it for a while, snap some nice selfies in front of it. Then he says he’s going to ask someone to take a picture of us (totally normal). He grabs the nearest person and I’m standing at the fountain, he walks back and we pose. Then he says “now let’s take one kissing!” (Totally NOT normal for him and stranger taking a pic) That’s when I knew something was up. As we’re kissing, he reaches into his blazer and grabs the ring. By the time I opened my eyes, he was down on one knee and asked “I love you. So, will you marry me?!” It was an instant yes and I was in shock for quite some time after that! (Attempt #3 success)

We enjoyed an amazing dinner after that and celebrated with a bottle of wine.

Special Thanks

Stephanie Rawcliffe Photography
Engagement Photographer