Bridget and Tristen

How We Met

Tristen and I met in English class when I was a junior and he was a senior in high school. While we had never spoken, we had been making glances at each other and sharing smiles from across the classroom. About a week into class he stole his friend’s seat who typically sat next to me, and it went from there. Our first conversation happened in the hallway while he was walking me to class, he got my phone number when we decided to do a group project together, and our first date was the homecoming dance. I am not sure it can get much more high school than that. Luckily, as we have matured, our relationship has as well!

How They Asked

Tristen was super sneaky with the proposal! After telling me 1,000 times he was not going to propose during our spring break trip together, I had absolutely no idea it was coming, it was such an amazing surprise! A month before our spring break trip, Tristen took a secret 3-hour car ride to visit my parents, ask for their blessing, and order the engagement ring. One month later, we both took that same trip to visit my parents before leaving on our spring break trip to The Grand Hotel in Point Clear, AL. While we were there, Tristen told me he was going to go order the ring, but little did I know he was actually picking it up from the jeweler. He came back with a pretend date that it was supposed to be ready by and hid the ring in his luggage. I was fooled. After the visit with my parents we left on the 6-hour car ride to our hotel arriving that afternoon. When we got to our room, we had mysteriously been upgraded to the honeymoon suite with a bottle of champagne to greet us. Tristen told me we were starting our vacation with a nice dinner, so I got ready and put on a nice dress. On our walk to dinner, Tristen wanted to walk around the gardens and pond on the hotel property where we had fed the ducks the previous year. Once we walked down the path to the pond with the fountain in the background, he got down on one knee. I was so shocked, excited, and gitty that I said yes as fast as I could and put the ring on the wrong hand. That’s right, our first engagement photos were of me holding the ring out on my wrong hand. It was the best surprise I’ve ever had!

Special Thanks

Photos By Ava
 | Photography