Bridget and Max

How We Met

We met on the first night of college in August of 2009. We were at our first “college party”. Max was my first friend (besides my roommates of course) that I met at Philadelphia University!

how they asked

Max asked me to build an igloo during the big winter storm “Jonas” this past weekend! The igloo took us two hours to finish but it was so much fun. Max went back to the apartment to grab the “selfie stick” so we could take a few pictures in our igloo. We took the pictures and then the flash stayed on for a while I was so confused! But once he got down on one knee it all made sense. In the igloo he asked me if I would be his wife! Of course I said YES!

Image 1 of Bridget and Max

Image 2 of Bridget and Max

Image 3 of Bridget and Max

Image 4 of Bridget and Max