Bridget and Matt's Proposal at Red Rocks

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How we met: I walked into the Hampton Inn in December of 2006 to begin a position as a front office manager. One of the first people I was introduced to was the sales manager, Matt! I knew the first time I met him that I would marry him someday…

We started dating probably a month after I started working there, dated on and off for a year. He was transferred to California for work but we still stayed in contact and I went to visit him out in California. When he moved back we were together for a bit, but we were both young and immature so we parted ways. We still remained best friends for the whole time we were not together.

I asked him as a friend to be my date to a wedding in October 2013, he agreed and from that point on we have been together. I lived in San Antonio for a year and we survived the long distance relationship seeing each other once a month. We began to get more serious and in November 2014, I moved back to Colorado.

how they asked: On December 13, 2014, Julia, (our photographer), asked me if we could recreate our ‘Holiday Photo’ for a publication submission. I happily agreed thinking we were going to be on television, (a dream of mine). When we got up to Red Rocks, Julia was walking behind us.

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I turned to face the stage of the amphitheater and when I turned back around, Matt was on one knee with a ring proposing to me. He had worked in cahoots with Julia to have the engagement photographed. At that time there was no recreating our picture! I was so shocked and surprised and so excited to marry not only my best friend, but my love, my partner, and my babe! We will be married on August 29th of this year.

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Photos by studio