Bridget and Matt

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How we met: When I first saw Matt Gibbs in my 8th grade history class I turned to my friend and said, “that’s the boy that I will marry.”

Matt and I have some sort of cosmic connection very unique in relationships. It can only be said that we were “meant to be.”

Matt and I flirted and casually texted one another until March of our Junior year when, while cuddling on the couch he asked me the prized question; would I be his girlfriend?

When asked by my best friend if he really loved me when we were17, he said, “I really, truly do. I can’t even describe how I feel about her. And it’s not the typical ‘I’m in love,’ when I really only like the idea of loving her. I really do love her. And I know I love her. No one will ever know how much I care about her. So yes, I really do love her.”

Our relationship, beginning on March 3, 2007 is truly “one for the books.” As soon as we began dating, we could hardly stand being apart. Wingers quickly became our spot and every weekend since the beginning has consisted of a movie at the megaplex with popcorn (no butter, he finally changed my ways) and dinner.

We were both devastated when we had our first break up one year later. I remember being truly inconsolable and the only solace I found was to run for hours. Perhaps the most devastating part of our break up is that we didn’t attend our Senior prom together. Instead, we both went with two awkward, different dates. Rather than taking photos of me and my date, my mom spent the whole evening crying in her bedroom to my aunt that I didn’t get to go with my sweetheart.

We went to San Francisco together on an art history trip and finally, after two awkward days agreed to be civil with one another. Eventually, we began talking again and I remember while I was chasing him around the hotel one night and he began tickling me I said “stop, if you…” then let the sentence go, as I was about to say, as I would say when we were dating, “if you love me, don’t do that.” Matt responded by saying, “okay, I’ll stop, because you know I still do.”

Matt left on an LDS mission in November of 2011. I waited the two long years while he was away. When he got back, it was as if nothing had changed.

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We were married on April 27, 2012, and have spent the past two years be one another’s sides. The night before our wedding I stood before the group of people I love and stared at the man I love most of all and said, “I will always want to tie your ties. I will always resolve our fights, because our relationship is more important to me than an ego. I promise to love you with my whole heart, for my whole life, and then keep right on loving you. I will decide whether we should go to Chili’s or Wingers and thus avoid the decision fight. I will help pick the movie of the night. I will acknowledge that when you cry I have done something very wrong and I will kiss your tears and correct my wrongs. I will become a Mrs. Gibbs and love it. I will send you random texts and whisper ‘I love you’ in movie theaters. I will let you tickle me and pick me up. I will always beg you to sing me to sleep and fill our home with the sound of your music. I will love you without knowing how or when or from where. I will love you like this because I don’t know any other way to love. I will always remember that you were so worth waiting two years for and remember that I have loved you since the eighth grade. I will always hold your hand. I will love you, I will love you, I will love you. Tomorrow is the day my new life and eternity with you begins, and I, for one, can’t wait.”
Everyone knows that the right person can just come into your life and capture your heart. Matt not only changed the entire course of my life, but he also changed my writing. He added depth to my writing and depth to my soul. He gave me words I didn’t know existed and made me feel emotions I have never felt. He gave me the new gift of a writing life that is beyond compare. He made me feel truly infinite and truly alive. Matt stole my heart!

how they asked:  Matt totally tricked me with the proposal-in a good way. He took my sister shopping for a ring to throw me off even more. I was hoping for a proposal on Christmas because I think it is the most magical time of the entire year. Matt knew I would check my sister and my best friend’s phones for hints about the proposal, so he gave them no clues at all.

On Christmas Eve morning he took me ring shopping as a surprise. I was excited to shop, but disappointed because I knew that this meant I definitely was not getting proposed to anytime soon. He apologized and said he was so sorry that he couldn’t buy a ring right now. He had just gotten home from his mission and didn’t have any money, so I didn’t expect him to necessarily even buy me a ring. Anyway, since he said he couldn’t buy a ring, he  was going to take me shopping as a substitute and that would be my gift. He told me that another gift was coming later that night though- it was that he was going to come with me and my family to see the lights at temple square. I was excited because his family has a huge Christmas Eve celebration and the lights are my family’s tradition, but he said he would come with my family.

That night he showed up and took me up to the top level of the Joseph Smith Building. He took me to the most beautiful room overlooking the temple and all of the beautiful lights. There was a piano and he told me another gift would be a song he was about to play for me.

He played me such a beautiful song in Spanish. The whole time I was thinking “he really should be saving all of this for when he proposes!” Next, we stood up together and he walked me over to stand out looking over at the temple.He said, “I’m so sorry I couldn’t get you a ring. I know it’s what you wanted.” I was trying so hard not to sound disappointed and said, “Matt, it’s totally fine. You just got home from your mission! You just got home!” Then he said, “Well, how about it?”

He dropped to one knee and said the words I had been waiting to hear for six years.

“Bridget Taylor, will you marry me?”

I freaked out. I just kept saying, “Are you serious?!”

I finally dropped to my knees on his level and said, “YES!”

I hugged him and could not stop smiling. The ring was perfect-beyond perfect! That sneaky little snake. He had gone to the ring maker ten days earlier and had my dream ring made for me.

Next, his cousin Natalie popped out of the curtains and she had recorded the whole thing! I freaked out and said, “Who else knows?” Matt said, “Well just Natalie, and my mom and dad, and my whole family.”


Natalie took the above photo  after the first time I saw my ring in the light!

It was awesome. It was the perfect proposal with a huge amount of build up and excitement.

I was in shock. I ran outside and just screamed, “I’M ENGAGED!” There were so many people and everyone was clapping and cheering.

It was the perfect proposal. Literally.