Bridget and Jovanni

Where to Propose in London House Hotel Chicago, IL

How We Met

Jovanni and I met in the 9th grade and I had an instant crush. I don’t know if he was too fond of me then, but fast forward to 12th-grade prom and he saw the error of his ways. We have been together ever since. From going to colleges across the country from eachother (and coming back within a month because we missed each other so much) and supporting eachother through our getting our degrees in business and nursing, we have stood by each other’s sides for 6 years. Growing from the 14-year-old friends who met in high school, to the 24-year-olds who are about to tie the knot!

How They Asked

He told me he was taking me for dinner for Valentine’s Day and to be ready at 1 pm. I thought that was funny but went along with it. Soon enough I saw we were headed to the London House Hotel. I was so excited to eat dinner on their rooftop since we had previously planned to eat there and couldn’t make the reservation (I was late of course). We walked up to the hostess seating for the restaurant and she told us to follow her onto another elevator.

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I had no clue what was going on when she took us to a door that leads out to a rooftop outside. I saw rose petals sprinkled all across the ground, but saw no table. Confused, I turned around to see him down on one knee with the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. I said YES! Of course! And he had rented out the entire rooftop just for us with a photographer to capture our special moment! It was cold, but worth every second!

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Special Thanks

Jade Hull
 | Photographer