Bridget and Craig


How We Met

Craig and I met at a small University in Pennsylvania. Kutztown University of Pennsylvania to be exact. I was a Freshman (Class of 2012) and he was a Sophomore (Class of 2011). I was just beginning a new adventure in life and was not looking for a boyfriend. Craig was, however, tied down. We remained friends throughout the years seeing each other at the occasional house party. Fast forward to my Junior year and his Senior year at another house party (shocking), we discovered that we were both single. In the weeks that followed we became close and would meet up at the only bar in town on the weekends.


We also played Lacrosse and would see each other at practices in the Field House. During that Summer, Craig visited me every weekend. As the summer came to a close, we decided that it would be difficult to keep our relationship going. He wanted me to have fun my Senior year of college and I wanted him to focus on his new job. By the following Spring semester we discovered that we couldn’t live without each other and that Summer we moved in together at our first apartment. The rest they say is history!


how they asked

Craig and I still visit the town of Kutztown, Pennsylvania where we met almost 8 years ago. We share a love for craft beer and there happens to be a great brewpub we call The Tavern set above the bar where Craig and I had our first kiss. Around his 27th birthday I asked him what he wanted to do. He told me to invite a couple of friends to get drinks and dinner at The Tavern. We first met up with friends at Saucony Creek Brewery just outside of Kutztown, then made our way down Main Street to The Tavern for dinner. When we sat down for dinner, the waiters brought over the craft beer list. As I read through the list I noticed there was a beer called “Noodle.”


My nickname in college was in fact Noodle. Silly me thought that there was an actual beer with that name, but as I skimmed the description my heart (and stomach) exploded! There on the beer list was the perfect description of us. Me, the blonde ale mixed with added ginger flavor, Craig. Aged since our first anniversary May 5th, 2012, at the bar below The Tavern with an ABV of 7.14%, the date of that day. Sure enough as I turned around, there he was on one knee smiling from ear to ear asking me to be his forever!




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