Bridget and Corey

Proposal Ideas Addison St. Philadelphia, PA

How We Met

Corey and I met through a mutual friend while working our first jobs at Bear Creek Mountain Resort in December of 2007. We went to different high schools, so the beginning stages of our relationship were weird, awkward and everything else that comes with being young and dating. Eventually, we figured it out and realized we were the same but completely different people. Not only were we building a once in a lifetime high school sweetheart romance but an even better friendship. This was Corey’s senior prom 2009 (like I said, awkward):

how they asked

Back in February, we were in Philly celebrating my sister, Erin’s, birthday. While on the way home we went to Addison St., a private side street that has string lights throughout the year and is very well known in the city. My sister took pictures as we danced in the street basically pretending we were in La La Land (which just came out and was used as my Insta caption). During the impromptu photo shoot, I must have mentioned that I felt as if Corey was about to propose. He pretended to get down on one knee as I just about had a panic attack. We both started laughing, knowing there was no way he was serious. While we both knew we wanted to spend our lives together, we both wanted to wait on the engagement a little longer.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Addison St. Philadelphia, PA

Fast forward to November, I was celebrating my upcoming birthday (Corey and I are a day apart) in the city with my mom and sister. We started the day off at the Magic Gardens (breath taking – highly recommend) then went to the Academy of Music for the Phantom of the Opera (also highly recommend). I had a long drive back to my parents, then back to mine and Corey’s place, so I was considering beginning to head home. However, my sister convinced us to go shopping at some local boutiques. I’m never one to turn down shopping. In one of the shops, we were looking at jewelry and I said something along the lines of “my next piece of jewelry better be an engagement ring,” my sister asked when I saw that coming to which I answered, “probably like two more years!”

After a few hours of shopping, we all decided to head back towards the car so my mom and I could venture home. While walking, I began to feel like we were walking to the middle of nowhere! A few blocks later, I spotted the string lights- we were back to Addison Street. My sister asked if I wanted to walk down the street, show my mom and of course, take some Insta-worthy pictures. I began walking down the street when I noticed a creepy figure leaning against one of the buildings. I instantly had a million scenarios going through my head, mainly of us being jumped. I mean we were three girls walking alone down a street. It wasn’t until the man turned around and it hit me that it was actually my dad! I didn’t even fully register why he was there/why was he leaning against this random building when Corey walked out onto the street. …Still I was confused and had no idea what was going on, while on the other hand my mom had instantly burst into tears and didn’t know what to do with herself so she turned and started walking away! My sister grabbed her and told her to get out her phone and start taking pictures. That’s when Corey grabbed my hand and pulled me forward. I think that’s when it hit me, I’m still not even sure?! He got down on one knee and told me he loved me but he forgot everything he wanted to say. He pulled out the most magical ring I could have ever dreamed of and asked me to marry him. Somehow I was able to let out a “YES!” (I think, I’m pretty sure I blacked out at this point!) After hugging him for dear life, I realized that not only was my dad there, but so were Corey’s mom and dad. They all came to the city together. Both of our families got to witness this magical moment!

I then learned we had dinner reservations nearby. While at dinner, Corey told me there was one more surprise – we were going to the Eagles game the next day! Cue the water works yet again. Corey had packed an over night bag for me and had everything arranged!

Turns out, Corey had asked my dad for permission, told his dad his plan, tricked his mom into thinking they were just surprising me in the city for a birthday dinner (she isn’t the best at keeping secrets), kept my mom in the dark so she would be equally surprised and had been working on this for the past month with my sister. He put so much thought and time into his proposal, it was everything I could have ever wanted. After ten years, he can still sweep me off my feet and surprise me!