Bridget and Christian

ProposalHow We Met: We lived next door to each other freshman year of college. It was definitely love at first sight on move in day. It took us an entire semester to work up the courage to confess our love for each other. After spending winter break in separate states, we realized we never wanted to be apart again. Our love story officially began the day we moved back in for second semester.

how they asked: I thought I would be spending the day roaming around Boston with two of my closest friends. To my surprise, Christian popped out from behind a tree in the Boston Public Gardens. When I realized that both of our families were also there waiting for me, I knew he was up to something! Christian got down on one knee and slipped the most gorgeous ring on my finger. It was the greatest moment of my life.  After the proposal, we all headed to a bar for celebratory drinks. Upon entering, we were greeted with hugs and cheers from some familiar faces. Christian had arranged for all of our closest friends to be there to celebrate our day with us. We are so thankful that we were able to share that day with our family and friends.