Bridget and Blake


Blake and I start dating two and a half years ago after I graduated from college. Come to find out he was my roommate’s cousin!

Blake knew how much I loved pictures of us. He got together with a photographer in our area who I was friends with and got her to create a fake fall couple photo shoot because he knew I would enter to win! As soon as I saw it on instagram I emailed her to enter, little did I know it wasn’t fake at all. The photo shoot was at the beautiful Duke Gardens in Durham. On and btw my favorite season is fall. After winning we met her at the Duke Gardens on the day of the shoot. We took many pictures and then we went down to a pond that had stepping stones that you could walk out on. She has us space out on the stones and she counted to three and we were to turn around and act like we haven’t seen each other in a while, you know like a action shot.. Well at least that’s what I thought I turned around and he was on his knee!!!



I had NO IDEA!! After he blind folded me and told me I had another suprise. Blind folded he took me home and all our family and friends were gathered!   Now I get to marry my best friend and we have beautiful pictures!!