Bride Helps Her Maid of Honor Get Engaged at Her Own Wedding

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how we met

Dale and I met at the gym in 2012. I was working on loving myself for who I am and becoming more of an active person.

Before I start with my love story I’d like to tell you about how I allowed myself to fall in love. I was still picking up the pieces from a bad relationship. I had to put them back together and learn to love myself all over again before I could love somebody else. Your heart is so fragile and can easily be broken and it’s so important that you choose the right person to trust it with.

My point is that you have to love yourself, respect yourself and put yourself first before you can love another and give them your whole heart.

This brings me to Dale. This story is not a normal fairy tale, but it is my fairy tale. My new journey was all about finding out who I was and could become, and the gym had a huge part in that. I began to love myself and feel confident and things fell into place.

I met Dale at the gym one afternoon through mutual friends. We were introduced and in time became great friends. We would have gym dates, then have dinner and movie and “couple dates”. Everything just fell simply together like it was meant to be.

We finally decided it was serious enough to meet each others families and it was all clear from there. We dated for two years and then became a family of our own when we welcomed our son, Wyatt!

We knew we wanted to spend our lives together and get married, but we concentrated on preparing to be parents while I was pregnant with Wyatt. We know what a huge step marriage is and with a baby on the way, we didn’t want to add on the stress of a fast and rushed wedding.

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how they asked

After our son was born, I was waiting patiently.. not pushing or demanding, just relaxing and enjoying my new family. I honestly didn’t expect a ring anytime soon. It came completely to my surprise; like a mid-summer rain in Florida… short, sweet, and unexpected!

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In September of 2015, I was preparing to be the Maid of Honor in my best friend, Kaydie’s wedding. Dale had planned ahead of time with Kaydie to propose in a special way. They came up with the idea to surprise me with the bouquet toss at her wedding!

On Kaydie and Justin’s wedding day, I was overwhelmed with joy watching her walk down the aisle. I was too distracted witnessing the happiness of my best friend and her husband to notice the nervousness written all over my boyfriend’s face!

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The reception followed and quickly enough it was time for the bouquet and garter toss. All of the single ladies and gentlemen crowded the dance floor to frantically catch the desired prizes, only to be let down by the “fake out” when the Bride and Groom did not toss them behind their backs.

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They then turned around and started walking towards the crowd and singled out Dale and I. Justin handed Dale the garter and Kaydie handed me the bouquet. I was completely confused!

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Dale then slowly appeared in my tunnel vision and everyone and everything thing became a blur. Dale was on one knee, right there in front of me waiting on my reply. My makeup was ruined, my mouth was covered by my hands and my words were barely understandable from the air I was gasping! In that moment, I knew that I had everything I ever wanted and dreamed of!

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My best friend and my boyfriend (now fiancee!) went completely above and beyond to make my dreams come true… And now I am living my happily ever after!

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