Brianne Nicole and Aj

Where to Propose in Ascend Amphitheater

Me and Bri met in the summer of 2016. We met in a way that was quite funny. We met on tinder. We had no expectations going in when we first matched and had some conversations. I then asked her out to a Titans football game August 13, 2016 And ever since then we just hit it off. We faced a huge obstacle early into our relationship. I was facing a deployment March of 2017 to Sept of 2017. We were so disappointed that it happened that soon. I left March 7 and since that day I have only loved her more and more. 7 months flew by and we become so much stronger in our relationship. I knew at that moment that she was the one. So flash forward about 3 months later after talking to her family and mine I proposed New Years Eve this year of 2017. The video I made was to show the progress we made since the first date to now. I added a little movie trailer to give it a little humor to it. Her best friend Eva Biggers took her out for a girls day. She got her nails done and hair done. Me and Eva made it seem like she was just going to get ready for a suprise dinner. Little did she know that I had detoured the night to ascend amphitheater in Nashville TN. She got to the amphitheater and saw a stool with lights around it and roses around it. She watched the video and I showed up right after and asked her to marry me and I couldn’t be more excited for the new year and our future !!

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