Brianne and Rustin

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How We Met

The first time I saw Rustin was 5+ years ago. He was sitting at the bar at Twin Peaks and I was bartending. He had on a grey hat and was there with his best friend, Colin. From that day on I would mention how cute the boy in the grey hat was to my friends. Colin & I had mutual friends so I would see him from time to time. He would always make little comments about me getting with Rustin. In 2015 my friend Andrea & I headed to Mullet Toss at Florabama. Mullet Toss is a huge beach party down here in the south & everyone from New Orleans goes. We saw Rustin & Colin and OMG Rustin came up and started talking to me. I was so nervous. I barely even spoke to him. I have RBF real bad and he thought that I was not interested. And that was that. A few months later he moved to Colorado. Flash forward to 2016. Andrea & I were back at Mullet Toss. We were on the beach for maybe 5 minutes when Rustin came up to me and said Hello again. We hung out the whole day & I cooked him tacos the 2nd night. He always says I had him at taco. We’ve been together ever since.

How They Asked

In 2018 Rustin & I purchased our 1st home and in 2019 Rustin started his own business. I already knew we were in this thing together forever, I just didn’t see a proposal happening for awhile since we had so many other exciting things going on. Valentine’s Day is my all-time favorite holiday. Even when I was single I looked forward to celebrating Galentines with the girls.

I woke up that morning and set up little gifts and for Rustin for when he woke up. He acted surprised but deep down I think he knew there would be stuff waiting for him. He told me that he felt so bad but had been so busy and didn’t have time to get me anything & that he would make it up to me that night. Which he did, when I got home from work he had bought me new frying pans! I was a little confused but I love to cook so I was excited. Valentines fell on a Friday this year so we had plans to get dinner at our favorite restaurant, Rum House and to have drinks with my friend Tabby and her husband afterward. It was also Mardi Gras season in New Orleans so I expected us to catch some parade traffic.

After dinner, there were like NO cars on the road but we still had to park a few blocks from The District where we were meeting Tabby. There is this alleyway in Nola’s CBD with lots of lights and I always see girls posting pictures in it when they find it. On our walk to the bar, we saw it! Rustin NEVER offers to take a picture but he was like “Babe let’s get a picture, I’ll take one of you”. Little did I know he was stalling. When we approached the bar I saw Tabby’s husband outside, told him hello, and turned the corner to go inside.

All of a sudden I saw my friends, family & co-workers, and they were taking pictures of me. I was so confused and caught off guard that I thought it was my birthday! The music cut off and when I turned around the love of my life was on 1 knee next to our dog, Hunny & he was holding my dream ring! He asked me to marry him & of course I said, YAS! After I said yes the bartender played “Let’s Get Married” by Jagged Edge. It could not have been a more perfect moment. It was so perfectly planned. I can’t wait to call this thoughtful man my husband.

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