Brianne and Ralph

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How We Met

It was about 10-11 years ago (we still debate on the year), when my best friend texted me to come, meet her at our local watering hole “because this awesome band was playing”. And so, a fiend for live music, I went.

The band WAS good, so when they were done I introduced myself. Ralph was the drummer. He was tall, tattooed, bearded, and funny. At the time, neither of us were available, and we stayed very close friends for about 8 years.

One thing we always bonded over was music. In the summer of 2017, he called to tell me he had an extra ticket to go see MUSE, a band we both love. So, we went together. It was at that show that I suddenly began to look him a little differently. But still, I felt neither of us were ready. But still, we remained very close friends.

The summer of 2018, another concert was coming. We tailgated with our friends, he cooked, we laughed and we’re having a great time. During our tailgate, those feelings I had before resurfaced and I made the decision I was going to make a move, finally.

To the melodious sounds of Taking Back Sunday, I pulled him in for a kiss, and it was everything a first kiss should be. We’ve been together ever since.

How They Asked

My 30th birthday was approaching. My reluctance to hit that magic number meant that no sort of plans were made, which was fine with me.

I was supposed to be going to dinner with my boyfriend and best friend at a local spot we all love. I was tired and really not in the mood to go, but my sweet and patient boyfriend gently nudged me out the door.

When I arrived, I actually stepped into my Surprise 30th Birthday party. My best friends, parents, and boyfriend really surprised me; I was so completely shocked and surprised to be surrounded by all my friends and family.

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Shortly after, the band quieted down and everyone was being passed champagne for my boyfriend to make a toast in honor of my birthday. He said the most lovely and beautiful things about me and promised he would love me until eternity…and then, he got down on one knee.

In front of all of my friends and family, he surprised me AGAIN. The reaction from all the guests was incredible. Just when I thought the birthday party was enough, he got me again. With the most enthusiastic YES, I agreed. We’re so lucky to have such a great story, a great proposal and a great relationship. He’s all I ever longed for, and I’m grateful that I got so lucky.