Brianne and Lukas

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Big White Ski Resort

How We Met

When I walked into the bar my mom owns in Small Town Saskatchewan and I laid my eyes on Lukas my first thought was ” one day will be sharing a sink”. Three months later we were. The night we met was Lukas’ first game as the new goalie with the Delisle Chiefs, the hockey team in my small town and the team my moms bar sponsors. So as a tradition the team would come in for drinks and appetizers following home games. It just so happens this night I was chauffeuring my mom and stepdad home and we had to make a stop at the bar. We had an instant connection, he got along with my mom (who was trying to set me up with someone else on Lukas’ hockey team, which he likes to bug her about) and the kindest eyes I’ve ever seen. He asked one of his teammates how he could get in touch with me and followed me on Twitter. He sent me a message to make sure I made it home okay and to let me know he was going snowboarding the next day. Little did I know snowboarding would become our passion together and lead us to move to the mountains of Kelowna but that is another story.

how they asked

Fast forward 4 years,11 months, 1 cross-country move, and 2 adopted kitties later we had plans to go up to Big White Ski Resort for opening day 2017-18. The morning of was a typical winter morning for the two of us. We woke up about 7 a.m., stretched, packed up all our gear, listened to music and loaded up the truck. We drove the 64 km to Big White and got dressed. It was pouring rain/sleet and so foggy you couldn’t see the tree line. We got to the top of the chairlift and strapped into our boards. We were only riding for maybe 30 seconds when Lukas said he needed to stop and adjust his boot. I sat down in front of him and he undid his bindings and reached into his pocket. I had no idea what was about to happen as I looked at the mountain ahead and up at the clouds. When I looked back at him he had a ring box in his hand. When he asked me the question I had been dreaming of for so long I said Of Course! He slipped the ring on my finger but was too big so I carefully put it back in the box and we finished our run. We spent the rest of the day calling family and friends to share our exciting news and had dinner at our favourite Thai restaurant. We are looking forward to our Fall Wedding in that small town in 2019.

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