Brianne and John

Where to Propose in In our living room
I was getting my hair done that morning and he was out cutting the grass. After I walked in he burst through the door with the dog completely sweating and almost panting out of breath. I thought nothing of it and was cleaning the house but I noticed the dog had a bandana on and asked what it was. He played it off and said “I don’t know but take it off I think he’s hot”. So I tried to grab the dog and being a puppy took off from me running around the house like a crazy man jumping on the couch. I tried and tried then gave up and got back to cleaning. John grabbed him and said here take it off I looked and there it was. I immediately started hitting him saying this isn’t real this can’t be happening and awkwardly and uncontrollably laughing. He pulled out a note that said “Can my last name now be Wentz?” Because I always joked and said the dog had my last name! He then got on one knee and choking back tears asked me to marry him. I think I said yes because I definitely blacked out! And the rest is history!

Brianne and John's Engagement in In our living room

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