Brianne and Geoff

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How We Met

Geoff and I met in Waterloo, Ontario, January 2011. It was the first week of tutorial at Wilfrid Laurier University and we had the same tutorial class. He still claims he remembers the pony tail I wore to class that day. I sat down next to him (and he tells later me that he immediately wanted my phone number.) At the end of class he passed me a small piece of paper with all of his information on it and asked, “Want to be my study buddy?” I said yes. As midterms were approaching I asked him to study, we agreed to meet at the 2-4 lounge on campus. I came prepared with all of my questions, he showed up and opened his text book for what felt like 10 minutes. He then shut his book and said “Want to get a beer?” I said yes. We went to get beers and ended up talking all night. I remember walking home with butterflies in my stomach thinking, “I want to see him again.”

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how they asked

In September 2017 Geoff asked me to marry him on the top of the Ferris Wheel at the Navy Pier in Chicago. It was so magical. I went into the trip thinking it was an end of the summer road trip. We love to travel together, so I was just looking forward to exploring a new city with my best friend. The first full day into the trip, we decide to go to the Ferris Wheel where he popped the big question. We had an entire carriage to ourselves that fit 6 people, so it was spacious and private. I remember sitting back on the second round about and he had his arm around me as we both looked out at Lake Michigan. Before I knew it, he was kneeling right in front of my with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen asking, “Will you marry me?” I immediately burst into tears and shouted, “YES!” We spent the rest of our trip on Cloud 9 with our little (big) secret. When we came back to Canada we were able to share the GREAT news with all our families and friends which was also amazing.

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