Brianne and Cole

Brianne's Proposal in Princeton, BC, Canada

How We Met

Cole & I met in grade 10 gym class when we were in the same group for dance. Our group came up with a dance to Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy by Big N Rich. We actually had gone to the same high school since grade 8, but our paths never crossed I just heard his name here and there. In grade 11 is when we started hitting things off. After about a month we went our separate ways. Fast forward to April of grade 12 we started dating. We had silly fights like you do at 17/18 yrs old. In October exactly 6 months after dating Cole broke things off due to not having “no common interests”. It was more because he just wanted to hang out with his guy friends and having a girlfriend took away from that. Fast forward again 5 months to March I was somewhat seeing someone else, but Cole’s best friend called me anyways. After a couple good talks with Cole after his friend calling me we got back together on the exact day of what should have been our 11 month anniversary. 4.5 years later we are still together and are forever grateful for that breakup because it has made our relationship so much stronger and we laugh about it now.

how they asked

Cole & I have been talking about getting engaged for about a year. Probably around April/May we both knew it was going to happen this year, so we hoped. We went back and forth for a few weeks because of money (we’re living at my parents saving for a house). In June Cole got laid off his job and was starting school in August. I said let’s just wait till next year to get engaged and he said “yeah sorry babe I just can’t do it this year”. I struggled with it. I was understanding, but it was also just hard because it seemed like every time we tried to take a step forward something held us back. Little did I know my ring was already made (Cole custom designed my ring and used my grandmas diamonds on my band. She unfortunately passed away before I was born). We went camping for Canada day weekend with our friends to his Step Grandparents property in Princeton, BC. When we were talking about getting engaged this year I had a feeling from conversations it was going to happen at their place on that weekend. On Canada day (July 1) we took off on our own little walk. We started walking and I said “If things had worked out this year were you going to propose this weekend?” His reply was “I’m not telling because maybe it’s still my plan” then he asked “would you be ok with friends being here because you wanted it private” “I said yes that would be fine as long as we were off on our own and then came back to them” he then asked “well you also said it had to be it’s own day” (I didn’t want him proposing on Valentine’s Day, Christmas or our birthday which are a year and a day apart) I told him Canada day was fine. After that we weren’t far into our walk and I had to go back and change my pants because they were bothering me. I changed and as I was putting my shoes back on he grabbed the ring which was hiding in his bag in a sock. We left again and I said let’s go this way along the river. We’re walking and at one point we were standing side by side looking at the view and he was fiddling at his pocket and to me it looked like he was scratching his butt so I asked him if that’s what he was doing and he said yes haha. Really he was trying to get the ring box out of the sock! We keep walking and climb this side of a cliff (not high or anything) half way up I said I was done. Again looking out at the view and taking it all in. I hear him again fiddling behind me this time I turned around to see what he was doing and when I did Cole was down on one knee with a box. Took me a few seconds to realize what was going on. Once my hands went up to my face and I said “babe” he said “Brianne Hester Fink will you marry me” again I repeated “babe” and then said YES! He put the ring on my finger and I called him an A-hole. He then played “Autograph” by Dallas Smith because he actually wanted it playing while he proposed but couldn’t get it playing in time. After the song played I bugged him about not having a speech.

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