Brianne and Carlos

How We Met

A little over two years ago, I was bored at home and decided to give the OkCupid dating app a try. I created a profile and answered the various questions, but didn’t expect anything serious to come of it. Not long after, I came across Carlos’ profile. We were a 96% match and he sounded perfect. He had gone to a good school, loved his family, playing board games, and was super attractive! At first I thought he was possibly a catfish, but after a few days I decided to risk it and clicked “like.” Immediately, I got a notification that he “liked” me as well and later that day he sent me a message. He was charming from the start, and 66 messages later we had our first date. We met by the cannons in front of the Mission Inn Hotel, and that became our special place.

Brianne and Carlos's Engagement in The Mission Inn, Riverside, CA

how they asked

Almost two years later, he suggested we go to the Mission Inn for dinner. We arrived before our reservation, so we went to look at the cannons where we had first met. Carlos pulled a rose out of his jacket and began pulling off the petals, dropping them onto the sidewalk. With each petal, he listed a reason that he loved me. Once he got to the center of the rose I saw the ring laying inside and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The Mission Inn, Riverside, CA

I said yes and his family ran out to congratulate us. They had been hiding and taking pictures of the whole thing! The whole experience was so surreal, it was the best surprise of my life!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The Mission Inn, Riverside, CA