Brianne and Bobby

How We Met: I met Bobby at work. I was the one who asked him out. Everything started because of this stylus pen he saw me using. I decided to get one at the store for him, and one day I told him to come to my classroom to pick it up. A student must have picked it up by accident because by the time he got there after school it was missing. He still thinks to this day that I am lying about that but I really did buy him this pen! I asked him to go with me to the movie night one of the clubs on our campus was having, and after that we were inseparable.

Image 1 of Brianne and Bobby

how they asked: In this “The Office” style video, Bobby and his friends try and figure out what he should do for Brianne on her Birthday. Their ideas vary from Bobby being Stone Cold Steve Austin, dancing to Bruno Mars, and singing Ed Sheeran. But not one of those ideas compares to what Bobby cooks up…