Brianna and William

How We Met: William (Bill) and I worked for the same company, but were both heading in very different directions when we initially met. I’ve always had very acute intuition. I knew inherently that he would play some part in my life; but couldn’t quite put my finger on what it would be. After many months of working in the same office, there were some life events that eventually led us both to the same path.

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One day, after a long week at the office, I noticed Bill seemed a little down, so I asked him to join myself and my girlfriend for happy hour, which he never usually takes part in. We talked; well mostly he talked (that’s what he does when he’s nervous). A few hours went by, and Bill and I eventually parted ways for the night…or so we thought.

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Somehow, someway, even though we each had separate plans for the evening, we both ended up back at the same bar. I spotted him from across the way, and my girlfriend kept nudging me, telling me not to invite him over being that he had already cut into our “ladies night” earlier at happy hour. Those who know me, know I usually don’t listen; needless to say I called him over to join us anyway.

A few drinks in (few being an understatement) led to a quick stop at the grocery store for more booze, red bull, snacks and ending at our coworker’s house for an impromptu pool party. We were both swept up by the impetuous, yet predestined journey of the night. As the gregarious crowd circled amongst us, the roars of painting the town red softened as Bill and I became enraptured by our meaningful and congenial colloquy in the hot tub; joshing about life with the occasional rant, endearingly challenging each other every topic.

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As the stillness of night turned dawn; we awoke. He, being the quiet type (not quite sure what to say) patted me softly on the back and awkwardly said: “Well, what happens from here; should I get your number?” Following the morning of unrefined charm, Bill and I would text back and forth for days, threading each night through the next day, eagerly anticipating our next rendezvous. Not long thereafter, during a major storm, a tree fell on my car.

In the midst of dealing with the phone calls to insurance, lining up a rental car etc., Bill sent me a text asking me to have dinner with him. When most would likely table the invite for another time; the anticipation of seeing him and spending time with him completely overshadowed the demise of the storm. We had an incredible Sunday night, talking, laughing and continuing our sharp witted discussions, enamored by each others’ uncanny ability to hold one another’s interest, while completely escaping the social snare of formulaic conversation.

As dinner and drinks ended, he walked me to the car and gave me a kiss goodnight (okay, it was quite a few kisses goodnight). Even though we both were fervent and overcome with the anticipation of an extended evening; we took our time, affectionately texting back and forth the rest of the evening, comforted by our affinity for one another.

As weeks turned into months; we grew deeply close; especially during a time where I was very ill and bed ridden. I can specifically remember a quiet night in October, out on my balcony… We had been talking for hours, discovering new depths of our amity and unspoken love for one another. Bill had that “look” that told me everything. That look was confirmed by what he said next: “I’m going to marry you.” I knew in that moment with absolute certainty, that he is the man I will share my life with. The rest is history…

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how they asked: As Christmas approached, we were touring the overcrowded mall, shopping for gifts. As we approached the entrance, without hesitation, we eagerly stepped into Tiffany and Co., just to “look around”. I instantly fell head over heels with a particular ring while perusing the engagement ring section. As the Holiday past, I became very ill; so ill that I was bed ridden for the first 3 months of 2015 (I am currently still trying to find answers to my mysterious gastrointestinal health issues).

Bill had been nothing but patient, caring, and literally waited on me hand and foot. Needless to say, he was my rock and my knight in shining armor, and I could never imagine dealing with this illness without him by my side. Fast forward to that following April…I finally had enough strength to start getting back to my normal day to day. Since I wasn’t able to drink, or indulge in a fatty delicious meal, Bill proposed we go try on the ring at Tiffany’s that I had my eye on, prior to my sickness.

Once again, without hesitation, we found ourselves eagerly stepping in. The saleswoman at the counter offered various suggestions for me to try on, but I knew I was going to only try on one, the one I was completely enamored by the Holiday’s. As this ring embraced my finger, glamour radiated from every facet; “A sparkling symbol of passion and true love”, as Tiffany’s would say. Settling down from my diamond high, I realized the mall was closing and there was a few items Bill and I had to still purchase.

In lieu of time, I said goodbye to my future ring, and Bill and I parted ways. Unbeknownst to me at the time, at a family gathering shortly thereafter, Bill, keeping up with important traditions, shared with my Father his intentions to marry me, and asked my dad for his permission. Apparently, my Father cut him off mid-sentence and completed his thought, as was more than willing to offer his blessing; both of them near tears by the end of the conversation.

Fast forward again to a few weeks later…Bill needed to find a birthday gift for one of his friends, and was planning on going to the Macy’s near our house. I decided to grab lunch and catch up with a girlfriend while he attended to his errand. I called him as I was leaving the restaurant to see where he was at, and he mentioned he was heading home from a different mall he originally planned on going to. My mind immediately went right to a purse I had been talking about for awhile (Bill normally buys me a purse once a month), and I had a feeling that was his reason for the mall change, and that when he came home, the purse would be there.

Turns out, my intuition was right (as usual ;) ). What I hadn’t anticipated was that the purse wasn’t the only surprise. After a moment of parading around with my new purse, Bill peculiarly asked me to look at the gift he had bought his friend (even though he had already told me he was buying him the same shaving kit I had bought him). Not only did I discover the same shaving kit, but what caught me off guard was a little Tiffany and bag inside.

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Keeping with our tradition of nontraditional milestones of our relationship; I opened the box, and instantaneously slipped my dream engagement ring on.

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There were no elaborate plans, no calculated chain of events, no overtly romantic words; that’s never been who we are. Our perfect imperfections, the alignment of our intuition, the way we can feel what the other feels, led to our indefectible engagement. For Bill and I, it was “us”, and in that moment, without delaying another second, we looked at one another, smitten with amorous anticipation for our long awaited gift of experiencing the wholeness of life, hand in hand, best friends, forever in love.

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