Brianna and William

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Sinkyone Wilderness State Park,

How We Met

Will and I met roughly 7 years ago while working at Starbucks. When he was first hired there I actually trained him and was his supervisor. He was always quiet, but I remember how the girls all thought he was so cute. Now I didn’t think he had any interest in me so I invited him out a few times to bars to hang out just as friends. He never tried to put a move on me so I thought that was confirmation that he was only interested in friendship. Little did I know he was just being a gentleman. After hanging out a few times we really started to hit it off and we ended up working great together. We made the relationship official in 2012 and have been together ever since.

Brianna's Proposal in Sinkyone Wilderness State Park,

how they asked

Five months into our relationship we decided to take a week-long backpacking trip to The Lost Coast in Northern California. The area is very primitive camping so there is no call service at all. We spent five days out on the trail and found that we work very well together and that we can spend multiple days just the two of us and not hate each other. Five years later we take the same trip and on the last day of our trip, he suggested we take a picture on the beach since I had brought my digital camera. I set up the camera and the timer then dashed to where he was. When I got next to him I realized he wasn’t there and looked next to me and there he was down on one knee.

I was so surprised by this that my first response was, “What? No.” But after I recovered from the initial shock I said yes. I had no idea it was going to happen. It explains why he insisted he pay for me to get my nails done before the trip(so I could take the ring picture) and why he brought two small bottles of champagne that he saved for the last night there. Best surprise of my life.