Brianna and Weston

How We Met

Wes and I, somewhat unromantically, met on We had both signed up for a 3 month membership around New Years and went out on our first date in February 2014. I pretty bluntly told Wes on our first date that if being on Match didn’t work out, I was deleting my profile and getting a dog. We met in Boston on Superbowl Sunday 2014 and went out for a late lunch. We had a really good time together, despite some understandable nerves, and walked back to the T together to go our separate ways. As we were getting ready to say goodbye, Wes’ train was arriving and he leaned in to give me a kiss…. and I gave him my cheek. He still to this day does not let me live that moment down. We went out on several more dates, and by the time our Match subscriptions were ended, we were committed to one another. Wes has seen me through graduating with my masters degree, getting my first and second full time jobs, and countless family and friends getting married. We’ve become and Aunty and Uncle to two precious children, and have (finally) gotten around to getting that dog I always wanted. Wes is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and has spent the entirety of the last three and half years making sure I knew I was loved and cared for. I am so excited to start this next chapter of our adventure!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Charlestown, MA

Proposal Ideas Charlestown, MA

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Charlestown, MA

how they asked

On our third date together, Wes and I watched our favorite animated film, Up. We both agree that the love story between Carl and Ellie is more touching than nearly any other romance movie either of us has seen. On our first Halloween together, we decided to dress up as Carl and Ellie, so needless to say, Up is pretty special for us.

Where to Propose in Charlestown, MA

The day before the proposal, I came home from work to a gift sitting on our dining room table. I asked Wes what it was, and he simply told me it was a Sunday present (which is a concept a friend of mine came up with, where you give presents to people for “no other reason than the fact that it’s a Sunday). We give each other Sunday presents fairly regularly, so it wasn’t super out there for him to get me one randomly in the middle of the week. When I asked if I could have it, he said no and that I would get it tomorrow. I mostly let it go and waited until tomorrow (and can say with honesty that I did not peek once!). The next day, we had planned to go out for a dinner date. We hadn’t been out on many dates since we’d gotten our puppy, Luna, because we felt guilty kenneling her or leaving her alone. We arranged for puppy care for our date weeks in advance so that we could go out and enjoy without any worries. Wes texted me earlier in the day and asked if my friend, who was watching Luna, would be able to come over earlier so that we could get a drink before dinner. I coordinated that with her and we were all set for the evening. We had planned to go out to our favorite restaurant in Charlestown, MA, Pier 6 for dinner. Pier 6 is, as it’s name would suggest, out at the end of a pier in the Boston Harbor. It has beautiful views of the city there, and it has been the place where Wes and I share some of our fondest memories. As we got down to the Navy Yard where the restaurant is, Wes (Sunday present in hand) asked if we could walk along the piers before we headed over for our drink. I agreed and we talked about nothing important at all as we were walking down the boardwalk. We got to a spot in between two piers and Wes stopped me and said he wanted to give me my gift.

I opened the bag and found “Our Adventure Book,” Just like the one Ellie gave to Carl in Up. Inside of the book, Wes had inserted favorite memories and pictures from our time together. He included the many weddings we went to, my graduation, our trip to Mexico, our niece and nephew and our little Luna. It was so touching, and it was then that I knew that this was the start of our forever.

At the end of the book, as in the movie, Wes had written “Stuff I Am Going To Do” followed by another page. The page said “Thanks for the adventure! Let’s start a new one…” and had a picture of Luna next to an engagement ring.

As soon as I got to this page, Wes got in front of me, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I believe I first said, “is this real?! Are you serious?!” followed of course by an overjoyed “YES!”

After he proposed and we hugged it out his friend Jeanette, who is a professional photographer, came over and surprised me with these beautiful photos of our moment together. We were able to do a mini portrait session with Jeanette to celebrate our engagement, and then went off to have a wonderful dinner and champagne at Pier 6. Wes surprised me on so many levels with this proposal and put so much time and energy into making sure the night was memorable and special. I am so lucky to be able to call this wonderful man mine, and cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him on what is sure to be our greatest adventure.

Special Thanks

Jeanette Fuller