Brianna and Trevor

How We Met

Trevor and I met in 2005 when we were 14 years old. He went to the school in the town next to me and ended up showing up to my soccer game with his friends who we’re friends did with my best friend. I remember the exact bleacher we met on that night. In fact, we both got tattoos of the exact coordinations of those bleachers. He was my first love, my first ever everything. He moved a few hours away and we lost contact. 2012, 7 years later, we were 21. We reconnected again but this time I moved. 2019, we reconnected and ironically- it’s been 7 years again. He never gave up on me even when I gave up on us. I taught him to wish at 11:11’s and he always wished for me. This time I didn’t let the distance matter. I moved out of the state I lived in and moved to him with my son and never looked back. Our boys are best friends.

How They Asked

The weekend prior to him proposing we stayed in a hotel in the state I lived in prior to moving in with him and went to the ocean. It was a beautiful day and I love the beach. I was showing him where I had lived the last 7 years and showed him a part of my world. We were taking a photo and a huge wave hit us and he decided right then that it wasn’t the right moment.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Our Home

The following weekend we both got raises the day before and decided to have some wine, celebrate and just spend time together doing silly things we don’t normally have time for. We ended up playing Cards Against Humanity. Little did I know he had snuck his own card in there. I ended up picking the card and instantly starting crying asking what it was. He got down on one knee and told me he never wanted to live without me again and asked me to spend forever with him. I’m still in shock. My first love is my last love and I never have to say goodbye to him again.

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