Brianna and Ryan

Wedding Proposal Ideas in A sunset hike on Mt. Beacon in Beacon, New York

How We Met

Ryan and I met our senior year of high school in 2011. He originally caught my eye for one of my best friends, and when she agreed he was cute, it became our mission to become friends with his friend group. We made our presence known, showing up to the same events the boys went to, sitting near them at our local diner, it was giddy girl stuff and guess what? It worked! However, as our silly dream of becoming friends with the boys turned into a reality, so did my feeling for Ryan, and vice versa. Luckily, my bestie admitted she never intended to date him, and me? It was like instant sparks between the two of us. We first became friends who talked 24/7. Three short months later on a group ice skating date ending with Taco Bell, he asked me to be his girlfriend. Every year, we make it or tradition to relive that day he asked over Crunchwrap supremes and icey hands and noses. He was my first and only boyfriend, I was his first and only girlfriend…and I guess you can say we are each other’s last as well.

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It’s no secret I had been hinting towards the “big moment” after 6 1/2 years of knowing Ryan would be mine forever. That’s why I was in complete shock when he managed to pull off the biggest surprise of my life. It was a Friday afternoon when one of our best friends asked us to go hiking, totally random, he had been asking us to join him for a while (which turns out was all part of the elaborate plan). We decided to join him on the hike, on a “whim”, when little to my surprise, the moment I had been waiting for was awaiting me.

Come to find out, as I was hiking the trail, two of my besties were setting up a beautiful scene filled with rose petals, candles, blankets, and cameras…waiting at the scene were Ryan would drop to one knee. (Might I add, they were sneakily filming additional footage in the bushes, having friends who are YouTubers is the best!) When Ryan and our friends finally reached the top of the mountain, I noticed the scene right away.

Instantly, I assumed it was another lucky girl special moment and I actually tried to get everyone to step away from the gorgeous setup. But when Ryan laughed at my reaction and pulled me to the scene, I instantly realized I was the lucky girl getting the royal treatment. Tears started as he handed me a letter I had written to him years ago, sealed in an envelope that I titled “Open me when you’re thinking of our future”. Inside were all the hopes and dreams I had for the two of us to come.

Proposal Ideas A sunset hike on Mt. Beacon in Beacon, New York

It was so perfect for the moment, and surreal reading what I had written years ago, seeing how God has helped us grow to this point I dreamed of in our relationship. The long awaited question was well worth the wait. The best part of the whole proposal was finding out Ryan had been holding on to the ring for 5 months before he asked (and I may or may not have ruined his proposal plans more than once by playing Nancy Drew). The thought and love that went into this moment mean the world to me, and I cannot wait to start the rest of my life with my best friend.

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