Brianna and Robert's Proposal at The Plaza Hotel

How we met: We met through a mutual friend, lost touch then out of the blue he called me and asked me to come visit. Robert warned me on the phone that if I came and visited him that I would never leave and fall in love. Well he might have been joking at that point but that is exactly what happened!

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how they asked: I have always wanted to do a photo shoot with him and he told me that we where going to do our first holiday card shoot! I was extremely excited and I even mentioned a couple time that he should propose. Every time I mentioned that he said not a chance! Well I guess he did not want me to ruin my own surprise and thats what I got!!!!

I had no clue that our close friend Shlomo Weprin was there to video the whole proposal. From what he told me he was hiding behind trees, bushes, cars and horse and buggies. Shlomo knew if I saw him I would have figured it out!

I would not have dreamt it any other way! It was perfect.

proposal at the plaza hotel

Videographer: Shlomo Weprin