Brianna & Peter | Christmas Proposal

How We Met:

Peter and I have been together since April of 2011, but it feels like we’ve known each other our entire lives. From the very start we knew we belonged together, we have such a natural connection. We met on and hit it off right away. From our first emails back and forth, we discovered that we not only had a lot in common on the surface, but it went far deeper than that. Although we wouldn’t admit it to each other (or even ourselves) we were both dreaming about a life together after only a few dates.

We have so much in common between our faith, taste in music, personalities, love for the arts and all things vintage, favorite tv shows and movies, we even both majored in Journalism in college and are both working in the same field. We’re both passionate about what we do and very passionate about each other.

From Brianna:
A true test to our relationship arose early on when I was in a head on collision while away in Seattle to photograph a wedding. I shattered my humerus in my right arm and am lucky to be alive. I had to fly home [Seattle to Boston] in the most excruciating pain I’ve ever experienced, I clearly wasn’t looking or feeling anywhere near my best but Peter insisted on picking me up from the airport and taking care of me through all of this. I was worried this situation would scare him away but it did just the opposite. It brought us closer together. The recovery process was very difficult and painful but Peter’s love for me made it all more bearable. He has shown me what true love is. Every day he finds new ways to show how much he cares. He is the most genuine, kind hearted man I have ever met and I feel so blessed to have him in my life. I honestly don’t know what I would do without him, especially during such a life altering experience.

From Peter:
I remember in the car on the way home from picking Brianna up at the airport after her accident, thinking to myself that most men would find this too much commitment, too much work after only a few short months together. But I had no doubts. Not with Brianna. She had already shown me what true love is, what real care and compassion and support are. And she deserves everything I can give her. And more.
how they asked:

The best Christmas present I have and will ever receive was my fiance’s surprise oceanside proposal. It included pumpkins he carved himself with the face of cinderella and our favorite song quotes, and lots of other beautiful details from earlier in our relationship.

It started off as a small scavenger hunt. After getting home from a Christmas brunch with the family, my dad went into our living room and “found” a present I had “forgotten” to open.

Right away I knew it had something to do with Peter (my fiance), and started getting teary-eyed (something that would last most of the day).

Inside my Christmas present, Peter had a vintage camera (I’m a photographer and collect them), and a photo of himself holding up a sign that said “Merry Christmas, I love you,” in French (a reference to our favorite movie, “Amelie”). There was another photo of a Scrabble board with the game pieces spelling out “look under the front seat of your car” (we played Scrabble online together before we even met).

Under the front seat of my car was a CD. Peter had recorded our favorite love song, with him singing and playing five instruments! There were two more photos telling me to go to our favorite spot, at a quarry overlooking the ocean.

When I got there, Peter was waiting, with the pumpkins on a picnic table. There was also a silly poem I had written about Peter during a board game, that Peter had kept and framed. There were fake fall leaves Peter had painted letters on that spelled out a paraphrase from “Pride and Prejudice” (I admire and adore you).

He then got down on one knee (I was crying at this point) and said “You are the best thing that ever happened to me. It would be the best Christmas present of my whole life to hear you say yes. Will you marry me?”

He pulled out the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. And of course I said yes!

Engagement Photos by Heather Chick Photography.
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