Brianna and Peter

how we met

Peter and I met at our local church. I was dressed up as princess Belle for an event our church had put on for the kids. After service Peter went out to lunch with his friends and said to them, “I have to know that princess girls name, she’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.” I remember casually greeting Peter on Sunday mornings at the front door and feeling so intrigued by him. It wasn’t yet in a romantic way, but I felt such a strong pull to know who he is and what his story was. I had posted a picture of my costume from that day on my Facebook, my cousin who was a police officer in the same town as Peter showed a picture and asked if he knew me. He said, “that’s the princess! You know her?!” He said, “that’s my cousin, she goes to your church!” This is how Peter learned of my name and discovered how to social media stalk me lol.

Weeks following we both made a decision to give our lives to Jesus by being baptized. Baptism Sunday was held at our church, we had yet to introduce ourselves to each other but we both remember feeling in such awe that we were both being baptized on the same day, and in the same water. Finally, Peter had yet again heard through the grape vine that I was in nursing school. He had found the courage to introduce himself while we were setting up the church before service. He asked me how school was going. That is when he told me about how he worked with my cousin and I learned of his profession. Eventually we started talking everyday on the phone for hours at a time. I was going through a hard time in my life and Peter became my rock. He would read scripture to me over the phone and pray over me when I was weak. I too was able to do the same for him. He became my absolute best friend and I loved him dearly. I knew just how he felt about me without him even saying it.

how they asked

Peters mom moved from Massachusetts to Florida, so we planned a vacation to stay with her. It was a beautiful vacation with family. Days leading up to our engagement we went to Church, the beach, clear water kayaking, a water boat ride, tried exciting restaurants and drinks, horseback riding on the beach, went to Universal, and Disney. I was so close to emptying his backpack to use for Disney WHICH HAD THE RING IN IT THE ENTIRE TIME! Luckily I decided I didn’t want to lug anything around, proof that being a little diva has its perks!

On Sunday the 14th it was our anniversary. We had an amazing experience at Elevation Church in Melbourne; a service that had us weeping with tears over how blessed we felt. I knew we would be going to a fancy restaurant for our anniversary dinner, so we started to get ready. I love shopping and getting dolled up so I was sure to look my best for my man and photo ops! We were ready for dinner a little before our reservation so we decided to scout out a new part of the beach that we wanted to return to after dinner with a bottle of champagne. We removed our shoes and walked onto the sand. We walked straight and I didn’t think anything but, “okay I approve of this spot to hang out on later and hmmmm Peter through me a huge surprise party for my birthday and I had no idea, is he up to something now?!” I had thought maybe my family or some friends flew down to meet us for some Florida adventures! He held my hand and I just felt so beautiful and proud next to him. He told me to look behind me which was a lovely picnic with flowers and champagne that our photographer has set up prior to arriving. And when I turned around in awe that, that was for me, he was on one knee. He asked me to marry him and I said YES YES YES. The couple that we walked by relaxing on the beach was our friggen photographer!!!!!

She captured every moment and had been plotting this with Peter for months!!!! It was hands down the best day of my life. I have felt like a princess everyday since I’ve met him, our engagement was just out of this world.

Special Thanks

Liz Cowie Photography
 | Photography