Brianna and Nicholas

Brianna's Proposal in Sankaty Head Light, Nantucket, MA

How We Met

Nick and I met the spring of our junior year of high school. We both lived in the same town but went to two different schools. Somehow we never ran into each other before despite knowing some of the same people.

My brother is a year younger than me and he went to a different high school than both me and Nick. But he was on the varsity hockey team with a few of Nick’s friends. The Bruins were in the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs when my brother invited Nick’s friend to come to watch the game with us.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Sankaty Head Light, Nantucket, MA

The Bruins lost to Tampa Bay that game, but the night was a win for Nick and I. We started to see each other more often, usually with groups, but sometimes on our own. Nick made me feel so at ease and I loved the way I felt around him. We shared our first kiss the day after his 18th birthday.

How They Asked

After dating for almost a year, we went to Nantucket with Nick’s family the summer after we graduated from high school. This is the place where both of us fell in love with each other. Since Nantucket is a special place for us that we don’t visit often enough, Nick knew I would be suspicious if he suggested a random trip to Nantucket.

Nick had his dad pretend to win tickets to Nantucket through a work contest, which was not hard to believe since it’s something that has happened before. But his dad offered the trip to us because he was taking Nick’s mom to a Jake Owen concert in Buffalo that same weekend. They used a concert that was actually happening if I had bothered to look it up. The only caveat was that there was going to be an event we’d need to attend Thursday night at the Wauwinet.

As we got closer to the trip I started to get excited. I LOVE Nantucket and I hadn’t been in a few years. I was slightly suspicious because I always thought Nantucket would be where Nick proposed but Nick and both our families were lying so well that I finally accepted it probably wasn’t happening.

We took the ferry over early Thursday morning during a very foggy morning. Nantucket is affectionately called the Grey Lady and she was especially grey that day. Once we got to the island, we spent the day shopping around and enjoying being back in one of our favorite places.

Nick had suggested that since Sankaty Light is on the same side of the island as the Wauwinet, we should stop there to see it and take a few pictures. I really didn’t think much of it because he knows I love a good photo opportunity. As we were getting closer to the spot, he told me he was nervous to network at the event but he was actually nervous because he was about to propose!

When we got there, the fog that had enveloped Nantucket all day lifted and we were almost completely alone at a usually busy tourist attraction. The only other two people there were actually the photographers Nick worked with waiting capture our special moment but pretending to enjoy the view!

Where to Propose in Sankaty Head Light, Nantucket, MA

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Sankaty Head Light, Nantucket, MA

Nick told me to take a few steps in front of him for a picture and to wait until he told me to turn around. When I did, he was on one knee with the ring. We both immediately started crying happy tears as Nick told me that he fell in love with me 7 years ago on this island and he’s fallen more in love with me every day since. He said he didn’t want to wait for another second to start our lives together. Then he asked me to make him the happiest man in the universe by marrying him.

I said yes!!!

After we stopped the tears from rolling down our faces we had a gorgeous photoshoot followed by an amazing celebratory dinner at Topper’s.

Nick had been planning this proposal since the previous August. He even took a day trip to Nantucket without me knowing! I thought he was in a golf tournament with his dad that day! He had secret meetings with my Mom and they even ensured I had a hair cut and color the day before we left! Nick thought of every last detail to make the moment absolutely perfect. I can’t thank him or our families enough.

He asked my parents for permission in January and took our moms to get the ring in May. He proposed with my dream ring – a gorgeous custom yellow gold shared prong ring from Barmakian jewelers.

We’ll always have Nantucket.

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