Brianna and Michael

How We Met: Michael & I met in high school. I was a freshman & he was a junior. He was tall, dark, and handsome AND had glasses just like me. I had a major crush on him! Little did I know Mr. Popular had a crush on me too!

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One day while I was delivering Thanksgiving lunch to a nursing home with my church youth group, I received a text from him. (I nearly died with excitement!) The second text he ever sent me said that he thought I was the most beautiful girl in the world. (me, no makeup, frizzy hair, book worm with glasses)

Our love was instant & there hasn’t been a day that goes by that he doesn’t make my heart melt. We were each other’s prom dates, football game dates, homecoming dates, and cheered each other on at our graduations.

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He would walk me to my classes & run to his, we’d have lunch under a tree in the courtyard, and he would wait with me on the front steps of our high school until I was picked up.

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To say he’s my best friend and soul mate would be an understatement. I always knew he was “the one”. The day before he text me for the first time, he told his best friend that I was going to be his wife one day. Sure enough, on our anniversary 5 years later, he asked me to be his wife. Exactly a year later, I finally became his Mrs.

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how they asked: If someone would have told the fourteen year old me, that I would be engaged to the sixteen year old boy I secretly had a crush on 5 plus years ago, I wouldn’t have believed them. If they would’ve told me that he saw his future wife in me without even meeting me, I probably wouldn’t believe that either. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to wrap my head around what my life is like today. On April 25, 2014, my high school sweetheart and I celebrated our 5th anniversary. 5 years. Half a decade. 1,825 days.

I woke up that morning with butterflies in my stomach and dark circles under my eyes from lack of sleep. Little did I know, he was experiencing the same thing only ten times worse! He called me bright and early, we exchanged our usual good morning I love you’s, and started reminiscing about anniversaries past. I noticed that when I was getting ready for school, all of our favorite love songs were coming on my Pandora stations. I mean, how weird is it that You Had Me From Hello, Then, and Love Like Crazy come on consecutively the morning of our anniversary?! I screen shot them all, and I was off to my morning class.

I was anxious all morning. All I wanted to do was be with him. (I only went to school to get a cheat sheet for my final). As soon as class was dismissed, I nearly ran to my Jeep and rushed home as quickly as possible. I showed up to my house, and there he was, my Prince Charming of five years. He was in his brand new, mint colored tee, and beaming from ear to ear. He scooped me up, kissed me, and asked me if I wanted to get Whataburger before leaving for our mini getaway. (Do you see why I’m marrying him?)

We picked up Whataburger, two #13s with Dr. Peppers, and we set on our way. We were jamming out to all our favorite songs from 2009, and enjoyed our meals. Or, at least I did anyways. He ate 1, ONE, chicken strip, not a single French fry, and didn’t even touch his toast. That should’ve been proof enough that this wasn’t going to be just any ol’ anniversary.

Other than that, our trip was great. Minimal stops, and lots of car karaoke (which is our favorite thing, ever)! When we got to our destination, San Antonio, Texas, we missed the exit we were supposed to take, and ended up in a random neighborhood without gas. No big deal, we’ll find a gas station, right? Wrong! We ended up in a traffic jam for a good half hour, due to the annual fiesta that’s taken place for the past billion years, that nobody seemed to inform us about. He was sweating bullets, and so was I, but that’s because we had to roll down the windows and turn of the air conditioner “to save gas”.

We eventually filled up, got lost again, and ended up back on the route to our hotel. Upon arrival, he told me that we needed to change in to our dinner clothes and get ready to leave by 6. Our dinner reservation wasn’t until 7:45, so I thought I had plenty of time. I kept suggesting maybe an after dinner walk, but, he had his heart set on going for a walk before dinner. I thought it was sweet, so I curled my hair extra fast, threw on my dress, slipped on some shoes, all that good stuff.

Meanwhile, while I was in the bathroom prepping for our super fancy anniversary date, he was in the next room hiding my future engagement ring in his polka dot sock and practicing how he would bend down on one knee. I tied his tie for him, he checked the height of my hair bump, and we were on our way.

We got to the lobby of the hotel, I suggested we got out the back (which was closer to the river walk), but he was adamant about going out the front. We walked out the front doors, and began the walk that would lead us to the rest of our lives. We walked hand in hand while we crossed a walk bridge, crossed a street, went down some stairs, and took a couple of turns. Then, that’s where it happened…I had my first glimpse of the island that would be the stage of the most important moment of our lives thus far.

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I saw “L <3 B” spelled out in white and red roses, in front of the most beautiful tree I have ever seen. I gasped, looked up at him, and said “oh my goodness, is that for us?” He kissed my hand and said, “yes, baby, it’s ours.” (Aaaand this is where I began crying hysterically).

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This was it, this was the moment I had anticipated for so long. It was the moment we had always dreamed about as kids. It was the beginning to the lives we’ve always talked about living as husband and wife. We walked on to the heart-shaped island, while there was a guitarist playing A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes, from Cinderella (my favorite Disney song)! He took my hands, looked me in the eyes, called me by my full name, and poured his heart out to me.

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Meanwhile, I couldn’t help but think back to the same sixteen year old boy I fell in love with. The same hands I was holding, the same eyes I was staring deeply into, the same lips I was about to kiss, and the same arms that were about to hug me when I said “yes”. He got down on his left knee, pulled the ring box out of his polka dot sock, and said, “Will you make me the happiest man in the world? Will you marry me?”

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I couldn’t believe this was happening. I couldn’t believe that this moment was real. All of the years, all the memories, everything was playing in my head. In the midst of all my very happy tears, I said “YES!”

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He slipped the GORGEOUS ring on my finger, and once again tears of joy rolled down my face. It was the ring of my dreams! Everything I ever wanted, and he picked it all on his own!

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He scooped me up, and we just held each other and cried. It was by far the most powerful moment in our relationship. We didn’t want to let go. It felt so unreal. The day and the moment that we had been dreaming of since the beginning was finally here and boy, was it was worth the wait.

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Our guitarist played A Whole New World from Aladdin, A Thousand Years, and Marry Me while we soaked in the moment. We were in our own little world. Nothing else around us was going on. It felt like everything stopped, and it was just us.

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I can’t even put in to words the love we were feeling at that moment. It was like a dream, a real life FAIRYTALE! Then after a while, for the first time, I heard the people around us. There was cheering all along the river walk, and even up on the bridge behind us. (He had the section of river walk near Marriage Island blocked off from the public. There were people lining up along to watch!) I couldn’t believe they were clapping for US, the newly engaged couple!

We then took a walk, or continued our walk, down the river walk. This time, as an engaged couple and with a photographer following us to take our first pictures as fiancé and fiancée. All the bystanders were clapping and congratulating us. It was like our own parade!

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After our walk, we went back to Marriage Island, where there was a river boat stopped. There was a boat full of “royalty”. One woman started singing “Going to the Chapel” for us! And all the other boats passing by were cheering for us. A little girl even came up to us, handed me a flower, and said “congratulations, bride.”

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It was real. I was going to be a bride, and the handsome guy that had his arms around me was going to be my groom. The same guy that asked me to his junior prom 5 years back, and the same guy that would walk me to my classes and run to his because he spent the entire passing period flirting with me.

We found a bench under the same walk bridge we crossed just minutes earlier, just to spend some quiet time together and take in everything. I cried, again (duh, what else is new?). I couldn’t believe this was all for me. I was so taken aback by everything. From the rose petals, to the island, to the guitarist playing my favorite songs, the photographer, my ring, everything!

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Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, he had more up his sleeve (or should I say in his polka dot sock!). We still showed up for our 7:45 reservation at Texas de Brazil, only it wasn’t just an anniversary dinner anymore. He told the hostess his name, and she asked ME what the special occasion was. I quickly said, WE’RE ENGAGED, we just got engaged!”.

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She smiled, congratulated us, and took us to a secluded room.

“CONGRATULATIONS!” our families screamed when we walked through the doors.

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I lost it again, walked out, and walked back in. Both of our families were there! 25 of our closest family members were there to spend the most important night of our lives with us!

I ran to my mom, he ran to his. We were all in tears as we hugged, kissed, and were congratulated by our closest family members. I was in disbelief. Not only did he pull the entire proposal off, but he had our loved ones in on the festivities as well. (They all knew six months before!) There wasn’t a single thing that could have made the night any better. We shared our first meal as an engaged couple with the same people that have supported us throughout our relationship.

The entire day was absolutely perfect. I couldn’t have imagined it any better! The man of my dreams planned the most breathtaking day for us. I knew he would come up with something spectacular…and asking me to marry him on the day that has always been most important to us, April 25th, was the PERFECT day!

I will forever remember the way I felt when he got on his knee in front of hundreds of people. Not caring about anything in the world, but asking me to be his wife. Me, the fourteen year old girl he knew was going to be his wife 5+ years ago.

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