Brianna and Michael

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How We Met

Michael and I met before chapel our first semesters at Azusa Pacific University. He was on the baseball team with my best guy friend Dillon. According to Michael he went to Dillon to find out more about ‘the girl in the blue sweater’ and got an introduction. The first time we really hung out was at a Halloween party where I was dressed as a mermaid and he was an army man, if you know us, that’s all too fitting! Michael was always the one I knew I could have a conversation with in any group setting we saw each other at. It wash’t until Dillon’s persistence that I take an interest in Michael that I realized Michael liked me and of course, I liked him too. So he asked me out. And even though I was supposed to go on two dates that weekend, our date was the best date I had ever been on that I absolutely canceled on the other guy! Michael took me to dinner and then up to an outlook in the canyon to look at the city lights and to hit golf balls with a baseball bat off the side of the overlook into the brush. Followed by my favorite ice cream! I had never experienced such an instant level of comfortability with anyone like I had with him on just one date. And now here we are, 2.5 years later engaged and planning a wedding!

how they asked

Michael had gotten his orders for active duty and was being sent to Georgia for his training in February. I had visited once, but didn’t think I would get to see him much because of the intensity of his training. I was hoping he would come home for the weekend for Easter, but he told me he had a big exam the following week and he was going to be in the field. Little did I know he was planning a proposal this whole time! He got my roommate Amy to get me to go to the beach and ‘take pictures’. Frankly, I was not that excited to go because I had worked late the night before and I had to work later that day as well, but I went! She was trying to get me to dress up pretty fancy. That should have been my first red flag! And when I wanted to go to breakfast first she gave me a line saying she didn’t want to be ‘bloated’ for pictures! UGH! Red flag #2! So we finally get to Santa Monica Pier and look around for a good spot.

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I picked a spot up these stairs at the end of the pier with the ferris wheel in the background. Amy makes me take some pictures and then tells me to turn around and look at the ferris wheel…That’s when Michael snuck in behind me. So I feel someone touch me and immediately turn around, only to be forced to look up at my man standing right there! In that moment I knew what was happening, but I was so excited to see him I couldn’t stop hugging and kissing him. He asked if I was sure I wanted to get married to which he got just a nod and then he got down on his knee and asked me to marry him and duh, I said yes! My eyes were only a little leaky.

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