Brianna and Matthew

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How We Met

Matt and I met at Marina High School at the beginning of our Junior year. Due to a clerical error, I was placed in a repeat class of Spanish 2. After my request for transfer was complete within the first couple weeks of the new year I was moved to a Spanish 3 class where Matt and I first met.

I ended up sitting behind him for the beginning of the semester and we were paired up for various speaking activities. The Spanish name I chose for the class was Isabelle and he was Pablo, both of us straying from our real names. It wasn’t long after sharing our true identities that a friendship formed outside of class.

After about a month of knowing each other, a multitude of awkward encounters, and some coaxing from a mutual friend, Matt asked me out on our first date to the movie theater where we shared our first kiss.

how they asked

Matt had asked if we could have a “date day” for the two of us since it had been a while we went out together. After an enjoyable day of taking our dog to the park and seeing a few friends, we went to dinner at Romano Cucina in Sunset Beach. I had learned later that he had staged for our friends Cameron and Bre to be at RIIP, a local brewery close by, to “invite” us to come grab a beer. Following a beer and some Disney Trivia, Matt tells me that he read there was supposed to be a Space X rocket launch at sunset and it would be cool to see it from the beach.

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A short walk and a few moments holding hands on the sand pass by and he turned to me said some words that neither of us really remember at this point, and drops to one knee. It all happened so fast for the both of us, we are glad we had Kelly there to capture the moment!

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Special Thanks

Kelly Hogrebe
 | Photographer
Cameron Fee
 | Distraction