Brianna and Leo

How We Met

The death of a loved one is never easy and can create distance between friends and family. However, the mourning and sorrow of a loved one brought this beautiful couple together. These two grew up in the same town, had mutual friends, but had never crossed paths. Leo being a free-spirit, travel junky, and Brianna being a grounded, homebody, kept the two from one another for decades. Leo’s best friend, and one of Brianna’s favorite faces to see, tragically passed away in early March of 2018. His passing created gatherings of friends and family from near and far. One of these get-togethers, put Brianna and Leo at the same place, at the same time. This meeting wasn’t something out of a movie, it wasn’t even love at first sight. This was two vulnerable individuals, mending their own hearts, and coincidentally crossing paths in the process. The couple has been together ever since, and everyone can’t help but think our beloved, deceased, friend is looking down on us saying, “If I can’t have her, someone special needs too.”

How They Asked

It was a windy Sunday morning approaching the end of what would be Vermont’s first wave of COVID-19 cases. While COVID had many individuals growing increasingly tired of their spouse, Brianna and Leo’s love only grew for each other during this time. Leo had proposed grabbing breakfast at her favorite local breakfast spot (Sugar and Spice), and heading into Pittsford to check out a local nature walk. In hindsight, Brianna can identify the nerves shining through during the events that morning however, in the moment, she had no idea. As they began on the nature walk, Brianna said she was getting frustrated with Leo as he was insisting on walking behind her when typically, on hikes he would take the lead (she hates snakes and has a theory he will scare them off). Halfway through the walk, Leo kept trying to encourage her to turn around. She said she knew something was odd and kept saying no and that she wanted to finish the walk. Finally, Leo convinced her to turn around and as she did, he got down on one knee. Brianna said it is pretty much a blur from there because she began to sob so hard that the first time he asked her to marry him, she did not hear him over her crying. Brianna shared that she has never been so confident in any decision she has made and that she does not have even an ounce of doubt for the love the two share.


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