Brianna and Kyle

How We Met

Kyle and I first met at Concordia Jr./Sr. High School. Kyle was one of the “new kids” in our class freshman year. I had been at Concordia since 7th grade and like every other girl was excited to see how cute the new boys were. Kyle and I both played basketball throughout high school and talked a little freshman year but didn’t take interest in each other until our senior year. We first started really getting to know each other on our senior retreat in the beginning of our senior year. We dated briefly after that but went our separate ways after we graduated. Toward the end of our first year of college we began seeing each other while spending time with mutual friends from high school. After hanging out a few times unplanned, Kyle asked me to see a movie with him. From there we were kind of off and on throughout the summer and eventually decided to just to friends. However, right before the summer ended we reconnected and made it official.

how they asked

Kyle proposed in McKinney, Texas just 7 days shy of our 1 year anniversary. It was our second to last full day in Texas and I had no idea it was coming. Kyle had our whole trip planned out including that day. We spent the morning shopping and planned to exchange gifts in the afternoon followed by an anniversary dinner in the evening. The afternoon came and we sat down near a beautiful fountain in the middle of the neighborhood we were staying in. I told Kyle he could open his gifts first and so he did. Then it was my turn, I opened the bag to find a backpack I’d been wanting, inside that backpack was a pair of Nikes I’d be wanting also. I took the Nikes out of the backpack, looked up to say thank you and I saw Kyle down on one knee with a ring in his hand. Kyle asked me to marry him with a tear or two in his eye and I couldn’t have imagined it any other way. Only after I said yes, I found out that on the back of the Nikes it said “will you marry me?” making the proposal even more perfect and Kyle had a photographer catch the whole thing!

Kyle and Brianna


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