Brianna and Kyle

How We Met

Kyle and I both worked out at a Crossfit gym. I was strictly a 6 pm class taker and he worked out at the 5 am class. We had seen each other around before during the weekend classes. One day he stepped into the 6 pm class. I was surprised to see him there. Next thing I know he was at that class every day. Before I knew it we were hanging out before class and staying after class to push each other through additional workouts. After about a month Kyle finally decided to ask me out. He knew pizza was my favorite so of course, we went to a pizza place in Coronado, Ca. We had parked close to the beach and decided to walk to the restaurant. After dinner, the sun had already gone down and he made several wrong turns walking back to the truck. We walked around the sweet neighborhoods of this small town for 30 min or more looking for the truck. It was perfect though because we laughed a lot and talked all night. After the first date, we were hooked on each other.

Brianna's Proposal in Crossfit gym

How They Asked

Kyle and I have two very good friends who opened up their own CrossFit gym. I was told that there was going to be a birthday party on Saturday night up at the gym. Saturday rolled around and I was confused as to why he wasn’t planning on picking me up so we could drive to the party together. He told me he was helping with tables and set up so it would be easier for me to meet him there. Pulling up to the gym I could see from the windows there were Christmas lights up but didn’t really think anything of it. I started walking up the driveway and the glow of the lights began to grow. I reached the windows and could see that the gym was filled with sparkling lights. It finally hit me what was happening.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Crossfit gym

Where to Propose in Crossfit gym

Before I even made it to the door I could see him standing at the end of the gym. My eyes filled with tears as I opened the door. As I started down the trail of rose petals leading to him and the song “I don’t dance “Lee Bryce started playing. Once I reached Kyle at the end of the gym, Kyle got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. As I said yes I heard a loud roar of cheers. Little did I know our friends and family were all watching from the top Balcony of the gym. We spent the rest of the night celebrating our new engagement.

Special Thanks

Zach Hollander
 | Photographer