Brianna and Kevin's Aquarium Proposal

How We Met: Brianna and I were dating for seven years before I asked her to marry me. She was my High School sweet heart from the moment I saw her and we have been living our lifes to the fullest ever since we met. There hasn’t been a major event, surprise, loss, or triumph that she wasn’t there by my side making sure we came out happier and even stronger as a couple. We are a young couple with many miles ahead of us, but we have traveled many miles to get to the point we I decided it is time to take her hand in marriage and pack our bags for the long haul. Image 1 of Brianna and Kevin's Aquarium Proposal

how they asked: On her birthday I decided to take her to Cleveland, Ohio for the weekend to meet with some of our old friends and experience the new Horseshoe Casino that was opened downtown. The morning of her birthday we planned to go meet with our friends and visit the Cleveland Downtown Aquarium and afterwards experience the rest of the day downtown. During the Aquarium is where everything came together, as I planned a surprise proposal for Brianna.

Image 2 of Brianna and Kevin's Aquarium Proposal

During the final exhibit I had the lead scuba diver in the shark tank hold a sign that asked her “Will you Marry me?” Brianna, saying yes, was extremely surprised and overwhelmed with emotion!

Seconds after, Brianna asked me if any of family members or friends knew that I proposed and as she turned the final corner all of them secretly traveled to Cleveland surprised her for her birthday and to celebrate our engagement! I look forward to experiencing moments of joy, happiness, surprises, and much more on our journey together. I love you Brianna!

Image 3 of Brianna and Kevin's Aquarium Proposal

Photography by Imagine It Photography