Brianna and Justin

Brianna's Proposal in New York City

How We Met

Justin and I met almost 4 years ago through Instagram! We both just got out of relationships and were not looking for anything serious at the time. We had mutual friends through college so I came across him on the explorer page on Instagram and JUST WENT FOR IT! Which is completely out of character for me but it led to me the man of my dreams. We spent the past 4 years together creating memories and traveling.

Brianna and Justin's Engagement in New York City

Wedding Proposal Ideas in New York City

I knew about a year into our relationship that I wanted to spend forever with this man and he felt the same but he wanted me to graduate college first- which is understandable. I finally graduated from college and was anticipating the moment I knew was going to happen and dreaming of forever.

How They Asked

He knew how much this meant to me as I would hint at different proposal ideas but what he did was completely different than what I could have ever imagined. Justin and I like to travel rather than get each other presents for the holidays so we decided to take a trip to NYC for Christmas! My sister and her boyfriend planned on going to Philly that same weekend so we drove to the airport together and then they went one way and we went the other to two different locations. We get to NYC, take a quick nap (as we had to be up at 3 am for the flight) then we had plans to meet up with his best friend who is a photographer in NYC. I knew we would be taking some pictures but what was about to happen never crossed my mind. We got to the Dumbo Pier in Manhattan and started taking a few pictures up and down the pier.

Justin stepped aside to “take a phone call” but in reality turned on our song on the speaker that he secretly brought. Once I heard the music I knew instantly what was about the happen. Justin wrote and memorized an amazing speech weeks prior and POPPED THE QUESTION! I was a mess but it gets better! He told me to turn around and my family, his family and our friends all ran with tears in their eyes towards me! Come to find out Justin had been planning this magical proposal since August and got everyone to fly up.

My sister and her boyfriend who flew to Philly landed, got into a rental car, and drove to NYC for this special moment. I was a complete mess and could not believe nobody slipped since everyone knew since August! After we all went to a bar to do a toast then we all took the ferry over across the river to this beautiful Italian restaurant where we enjoyed dinner all together. I was so grateful that not only did everyone share that special moment with us but the entire weekend! It was definitely a moment I will never forget.