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How We Met: Jordan and I were born and raised in a small town outside of Los Angeles called La Crescenta. The two of us went to the same high school, lived two minutes apart, but had never met. In 2012 I left home to study abroad in Madrid. About a month into my trip Jordan added me on Facebook and we started talking back and forth. I told him I was studying in Madrid, and he told me he was currently on tour in Europe and would be coming to Madrid in a few weeks. He was also on tour with one of my old friends from high school! So he told me that we should meet up in Madrid and get dinner, and that he could also get me some tickets to the concert. I said “maybe,” not wanting to sound too eager.. haha! From that day on we started talking all day every day, and I soon agreed to meet up with him. So March finally came and it was time for him to come to Madrid. I was so nervous/excited that I was sick to my stomach.. My roommate had to make me a cocktail and literally push me out of our apartment. I even thought about canceling, thank GOD I didn’t! After an excruciating subway ride and a 10 minute walk, we were finally at our meeting place. (my roommate also had to push me inside that door haha) There he was.. we met eyes and it really was love at first site (granted I had seen him once in my life before when I was in 7th grade, but it was just a quick glance.. he was much older than me so I just drooled at him from a distance). He was the most handsome guy I had ever seen. Right then and there I was sold. We hit it off immediately. The four of us got drinks, ate Spanish tapas, explored the city and then Jordan and I separated and stayed up until 6am talking. It felt so right.. we just didn’t want it to end. The next day came and it was time for the show.. my roommate and I got to stand on the stage the whole time! It was so fun and I was completely infatuated with my dream drummer boy. We ended up having the best night, but he had to leave for the next city and next show. I didn’t know when the next time would be that I would see him. We said our goodbyes and had our first kiss! It was pure magic. From that night on we couldn’t stop telling each other how much we missed one another. It was crazy how much I missed him. Finally after three days or so he told me he couldn’t take it anymore and asked if he could fly me to Portugal to take me on our first date and to see another concert. I was pretty much in shock and had no idea what to do. A part of me wanted so badly to go because I missed him like crazy and was just dying to see him again.. But another part of me (the more practical part) was completely against flying to a country to meet a boy I had only met once in my life. My 5 roommates ended up convincing me, and the next thing I knew I was landing in Porto Portugal. We had our first date in a magical cobblestone Portuguese restaurant on the water.. It was one of those dates you dream about or see in a Romantic film. I had never ending butterflies and the biggest smile I had ever worn. I kept thinking how crazy it was that me and this guy grew up in the same small town literally living 2 minutes from each other.. but had never met.. and now met in Madrid and now were having our first date in Portugal!? I literally couldn’t dream up a better fairytale for myself. It was meant to be. We are meant to be.. and we have been together ever since.

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how they asked: Every year we go on a tropical vacation for my birthday.. This year we were going back to our favorite place, Punta Cana. The Dominican Republic is a country full of life, color, dancing, and romance. Throughout the beginning of the trip we watched various couples get married in the resort. I was so envious of these people and even told my boyfriend Jordan how it’s always been my dream to get engaged or married here because it’s the picture perfect place. I knew it wouldn’t be this year though so I told him “maybe next year!” (we laugh about that now) so we woke up the morning of June 3rd and it was my birthday! We rushed to breakfast before it was time for our day time excursion. We were going on a snorkel/scuba tour! I was sooo excited. We spent the day swimming with fish, seeing dolphins and sealions, and dancing on the boat drinking my favorite dominican drink Mama Juana. It was my dream birthday. I honestly thought there was no way the day could get any better. Our excursion ended and we went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. I put on my nicest birthday dress and we were off to make our reservation. He was being extra sweet.. I constantly caught him staring at me and he just kept telling me how beautiful I was. I was thinking to myself “dang I need to wear this dress more often haha!” He had been carrying a small white gift bag with him all night that he told me was my birthday gift. The bag was really small so I knew it was jewelry of some sort. I thought he maybe got me a nice necklace or a promise ring, I never once thought engagement ring. I was secretly hoping he would propose this trip but once I saw the gift bag I knew it wasn’t happening because I knew he would never leave it on the table… in a gift bag… right there for me to see. So I will admit I was a little bummed out, but still so happy! We had an amazing dinner and then went to get a coffee and rum at the bar! He then asked me if I wanted to go to the rooftop of the hotel to smoke a cigar. I said no. But he really wanted to go. He was even pleading and getting upset at one point. I still had no idea he was about to propose so I was saying stuff like “no I don’t want to go to the rooftop! Why can’t you just smoke it here?” But he was instant on going to the rooftop, so I finally agreed. We got up there and it was beautiful. The lounge area was surrounded by an infinity pool, overlooking the Caribbean ocean, and completely secluded. He was still carrying the gift bag and finally asked me if I wanted to open my present. I told him I didn’t care and that I could open it whenever he wanted me to. At first he said “never mind , not yet.” But two seconds later he said “actually no never mind you can open it now! just hold on one second.” He then took off with my gift bag. I asked him where he was going, but he was super frantic and just shooed me away and yelled that he was going to throw something away. I then looked to see him bent over stuffing his pants with something. I was watching him in complete confusion. I even yelled out “You weirdo What are you doing?!?” He finally came back, handed me the bag and told me I could now open my gift. I somehow still did not suspect a thing. I started opening the gift bag only to find it was empty. I looked at him in confusion and he said ” oh my gosh is the gift not in there? did it fall out?” I immediately panicked and thought I threw the gift out on the floor somewhere so I jumped down to look for it but he grabbed my hand and told me there was no gift in the bag. I was now really confused. From there he dropped to his knee and asked me to marry him. I thought I was dreaming so I didn’t answer. The poor guy knelt down there for atleast 3 minutes before I even said one word. He finally had to ask again. From this moment on my body went into complete shock. I could not believe this was actually happening. I had zero clue it was coming so I was so overwhelmed. This was his first time ever successfully surprising me, and it was the best surprise! I FINALLY said yes after realizing it was real life. We hugged and kissed and jumped around. This was the happiest moment of my life. I got engaged to my best friend in my favorite place in the whole world. It was what I had been dreaming of for so long. He is just perfect for knowing to do it there. I knew from the day we met in Madrid that I wanted to marry him, and three years later it’s actually my reality. It is my biggest dream come true, i’m the happiest woman in the world.

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