Brianna and John

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How We Met

John and I met at a party in high school when we were sixteen, we quickly became friends . We would randomly show up to the same places wearing matching outfits and joke how we were “dating”. After high school we went to our separate schools but would still see each other on breaks. My senior year of college, during winter break something shifted. It was New Years Eve and we were standing at the bar and I looked him in the eye and said “well, go ahead and kiss me already”. Every day from there felt like the easiest, most natural thing in the world. I haven’t stopped smiling since.

how they asked

John and I rescued a puppy together a few months ago and on Wednesdays we take her to doggie day care. That particular Wednesday morning John called me after dropping our dog off and told me his car was acting funny. I told him to take his car in to make sure everything was ok. At lunch time, he called me and told me the mechanic said he’d have to keep the car overnight then he asked me to pick him up after work. When I picked him up , we headed to our local watering hole for happy hour, a typical adventure for the two of us. He said we had to pick up our puppy before 7, so we left the bar and I let him drive. We were on our way to doggie daycare when John said “let’s just pull into the inlet and look at the lighthouse for a quick minute”.

John and I spent most of the beginning of our relationship going to the inlet and watching the boats come in and of course staring at the beautiful lighthouse, we’ve always agreed that the lighthouse is our symbol for home and when we see it we know we are safe and loved. We began walking along the water when he took my hand and asked me to be his best friend forever.

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He then pointed over to the photographer in the bushes and told me he had one more surprise.

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We walked over a bridge and discovered both of our families including our dog on a boat John had chartered for the night.

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He decorated it with lights, had all of our favorite love songs playing and we popped champagne as we cruised up and the down the inter coastal for the most perfect night of my life.

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Special Thanks

Tracey Benson
 | Photography