Brianna and Javier

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Our apartment

How We Met

Javier and I met 3 years ago at a fraternity party in Long Beach. I remember staring at him thinking how beautiful he was standing behind the bar making drinks. Little did I know he thought I was creepy and had a gf. Fast forward 1 year and we again wound up at the same fraternity party this time it was at my school Northridge. I saw Javier walk up and grabbed the closest bottle I could find and said chug. Next thing I knew I had the courage to text him to meet me behind the house so we could experience our first kiss with no one watching. We dated for a while that year but he made it official in June.

how they asked

A year later he came home one night and asked if I wanted to drink at our apartment. I, of course, said yes and reminisced on our love story. He asked me to go to the room and check under my pillow for a surprise and when I turned around, he and our golden retriever were on one knee. I, of course, said yes!