BriAnna and Jason

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How We Met

Jason and I met about 5 or 6 years ago. We can’t figure out which country bar in San Diego in was, but he knew when he saw me at one of them he wanted to get to know me. For some odd reason I remember he caught my eye as well. Both in two different ways. His thoughts were along the lines of “she’s pretty and I need to take her out”. Mine on the other hand were more like “this drunk guy is pretty funny”.

Time went on and we ran into each other a couple more times and became really good friends. I would call him whenever my girls and I would go out and he would call me up to go on random adventures. We shared a love for road trips so I always said yes. I remember when FaceTime became thing and he was the first one I made a FaceTime call to when I got my iPhone 5. After that we probably FaceTimed every week. Road trips, FaceTiming and Rumchata eventually became our thing. Every now and then he would ask me out and and hint that he really liked me. He even surprised me on my birthday by leaving his job during his break and showed up at my door with a bouquet made out of candy and of course, a bottle of Rumchata. I always resisted and only saw him as a friend. I would laugh it off and say “ok, Jason, you’re like my gay best friend”. Torture for the poor guy, right?! Knowing he wasn’t gay I valued our friendship too much to flat out say no and hurt his feelings.

Years went by until one night when it had been about 3 months since I had seen him and only talked on the phone a couple times. Jason came to a birthday dinner unbeknownst to me. After dinner we went to get drinks with my family. Jason just seemed different, more mature and not really wanting to party that night. Something in me saw a different side to him that I was ridiculously, no denying it, attracted to to him. My aunt came up and said “why aren’t you two married, I love him?!” My face got bright red and Jason’s face had the hugest smile I had ever seen.

Two months later, surprise, surprise! We started dating. This was all thanks to my cousin, Karina, for having her bachelorette at Stage Coach. Carrie Underwood performed her song “Heartbeat” and Jason grabbed me to dance, leaned in to kiss me and I melted. We danced the night away to the country music under the stars, not caring who was staring – It felt like a movie!

I moved in almost instantly and we have been joined at the hip and in the honeymoon stage ever since.

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how they asked

1 year and 6 months into being so very much in love, a trip came up. My cousin was turning 21, so my family and I went to Nashville, TN. Jason couldn’t make it because he races off-road for a living and there was a race that weekend in Vegas. The race was on Saturday and we were going to be in Nashville until Tuesday. Sunday rolled around and I was missing him so very much. So that morning I FaceTimed him. While we were FaceTiming the whole family chimed in to say hello and that they wish he could have been there and I went on to tell him how there is a bar there called Tootsies. I was so excited to tell him this because his nickname for me is Tootsie. He of course acted super surprised, but he said he had to go because he was leaving Vegas to go home to San Diego and he would call me when he got home. While I was getting ready for the day I started looking for flights from Vegas to Nashville. I didn’t care how much they were, I just wanted him there. Karina talked me out of it saying, “no its expensive, you’ll see him Tuesday night.” I said “OK” and we headed back to the bar Tootsies where the family was hanging out and waiting for us to come over.

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They had the VIP section behind the band roped off for us, but I didn’t think anything of it. As I was ordering a drink Karina says “Jason called in and requested a song for you because he can’t be here”. Right then I got a text from him saying “sorry babe I can’t make it, but I have a surprise for you.” The sadness set in that he really wasn’t going to make it, and the shy me knew I would regret not going on stage for the song he requested for me. Karina dragged me on stage and the band started playing “The Greatest Love Story” by Lanco.

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It is our song because it was just so much like our dating life. I was holding the tears back as Karina and others around me were recording. For some reason I thought nothing of the phones around me recording and I just sang. All I thought in that moment was “I wish Jason could pop out of the crowd right now”.

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THEN, as the part of the song sings “I went to the store and bought you a ring”, Jason walks up on stage! I jumped into his arms and felt an amazing feeling I can’t even describe. As I was wrapped around him I felt him get down on his knee as the song goes on to sing “and I got down on one knee”. I thought “oh my goodness this is happening”. I didn’t even hear the crowd screaming and cheering around us. He then said “BriAnna Rene Messner, will you marry me?” I didn’t event think and jumped into his arms and kissed him with excitement. I then realized I forgot to say yes and said “oh yeah, YES, YES, YES!!” My hand was shaking so bad Jason had to hold it still to put the ring on. Once he got the ring on he says “and everyone is here”! I look over and his whole family is standing at the end of the stage with open arms! They had all flown into Nashville two days before to be there for the big moment.

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The rest of the night turned into a celebration with the two families getting to know each other and cheersing to our future. We have been over the moon since.

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I can’t believe this amazing family kept the big secret from me the whole weekend!

Jason and I are truly blessed!

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