Brianna and Dylan

Image 1 of Brianna and Dylan

How We Met

Brianna and Dylan met unexpectedly through mutual friends 6 years ago. After a few months of talking back and forth, they finally decided to go on a date. One date led to another, with each one being more amazing than the last. After going out a few times and getting to know one another, Dylan asked Brianna to officially be his girlfriend on September 22, 2012. Two years into their relationship, Brianna and Dylan brought home their fur baby, Lacy. Lacy is now 3 years old and she has a very special role in the wedding!

how they asked

Since Dylan and his family are huge Green Bay Packer fans, he quickly converted Brianna from a Giant’s fan, to a Cheese Head. After years of watching endless Packer games together, the Lovgren family decided it was time to take a trip out to Green Bay, Wisconsin. Since they had never been before, they made it into a weekend get away. Dylan’s father was also retiring from the force, so they felt that it was perfect timing! They planned out to do a tour of the stadium on Saturday and attend the home opening game against the Lions on Sunday.

Dylan and Brianna’s 4 year anniversary was the week prior and they agreed that they would pay for one another’s trip to Green Bay as their anniversary gifts.

Saturday came along and everyone put on their favorite Packer jersey’s and headed to the stadium. Once touring the inside, they walked down to the tunnel and took a tour of the field. After hundreds of photos, the group was getting ready to move on to the last leg of the tour when suddenly the tour guide stopped the group…

He called Dylan and Brianna over to the front of the field for just “one more photo”. Before she knew it, Dylan was down on his knee and her dream ring appeared before her eyes! He asked the words she had been waiting for hear, “I love you, will you marry me?”. Brianna began to sob, nodding yes and watched her future husband slide her beautiful engagement ring onto her finger. The crowd cheered as they embraced one another! Now, 6 years later, they are getting married on their original anniversary!

Image 2 of Brianna and Dylan