Brianna and Dwight

How We Met

We grew up together in a small town in Northeast Ohio. In 8th grade, we fell in love for the first time. We dated for a short period of time, but you know young love, impassioned and unstable. We went on to high school and throughout our high school career, agreed on very little with each other and could not play nice together. Then during a post graduation summer party, I (Brianna) disclosed to Dwight’s best friend that I thought Dwight grew mighty handsome over the years. He promised he wouldn’t tell him. I’m glad he broke that promise.

how they asked

Dwight and I started dating young, so we had an agreement that we would both need to have one college degree before we got engaged. My college graduation was approaching quickly and I was getting more and more eager for a ring. Although I was excited, I didn’t want to be disappointed if the proposal didn’t happen when I wanted it to. I tried to be as level headed as I could through my last couple weeks of school. Dwight often plans wonderful dates for me so nothing seemed out of the ordinary about the plans he made for us December 9th, 2017.

He was very vague about our plans, but he did tell me, “We are going to celebrate your accomplishments!” He got my nails done and dropped me off at home to get ready for our nice night in Downtown Chicago (we were living in Naperville, IL at the time). He asked me for my camera so he could get the crack fixed on the screen and off he went to “run some errands”. I thought that was weird, but quickly forgot about it. As we were driving through Chicago traffic, Dwight was acting strange. He was driving extremely slow and making me answer trivia questions, such as, “What are the top ten most populated areas in America?” Once again, VERY weird, but I’ve known that about him for 6 years now.

We parked and started walking towards Millennium Park. He kept repeating, “You know I love you and your the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen, right?” As we walked through Millennium Park, he dug in his coat pocket. I thought, “Oh my goodness, he’s gonna do it!” Then he pulled out his phone. I thought, “Bri, get a grip. It is not going to happen anytime soon.” So I decided to stop trying to predict the future and enjoy the night he planned for me. It made what came next even more exciting.

As soon as we were in front of the massive, glittering tree in Millennium Park, he dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. In his proposal he spoke about how much he admires me for my persistence and resilience. He told me he wanted to continue to persist together, for the rest of our lives. I cried happy tears while Dwight, my always confident man, shook in fear from the possible rejection he may face. Of course I said yes! Then, I spotted a few of our friends with my cracked screen camera to capture it all and shower us with love and excitement. It was the most beautiful night of my life.

Special Thanks