Brianna and Dustan

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I had a girls night planned with my best friend from college, (manicures, Mexican food, wine night-the whole deal!) but right after the manicure, she gets “lost” on the way to the restaurant…she pulls over and I’m thinking “girl where are you going you need to keep going down that road!” Well, she puts the car in park on the street next to the Kimball Art Museum, and un-clicks her seatbelt and looks at me and says “okay get out”. And I just look around and say WHAT.

Proposal Ideas Fort Worth, TX

And I looked out the window and my stomach just dropped…in the distance I could see the most beautiful sunset behind the lawnscape of the museum’s grounds, and standing there was a sweet man waiting for me. at that moment I knew exactly what was happening. We were about to celebrate our 3 year anniversary the next week, so he completely caught me off guard (I had always day-dreamed about if he would propose on a holiday or anniversary).

I think I said WHAT ARE YOU SERIOUS probably 12 times. So anyways I see him standing far away and my friend gets out of the car and tells me to walk, so I walk down this long beautiful sidewalk, (maybe I floated?) towards my best friend & man of my dreams, and he greets me with a kiss in the middle of the walkway. He takes my hand and leads me around the corner to the sweetest little table with roses and a sign that said “The Dendy’s. Est 2019” and I just said, “Is that gonna be my new last name??!!!!!!”

As we got closer I saw there was a leather Bible on the table and it had little gold letters on the bottom that had my first name and his last name…when I flipped through, I saw he had gone through the entire section of Proverbs 31 and underlined and made notes on the qualities of a woman of God he sees in me. I looked at him and tried to keep it together, and he politely asked me to put it down so he could ask me a question….when that man reached into his pocket and got down on one knee, every feeling of joy and peace (and total adrenaline!!) came over me.

Brianna and Dustan's Engagement in Fort Worth, TX

I honestly didn’t even look twice at the ring cause I was fixed in his blue eyes, the ones I will wake up to every morning forever and ever!!! We were both so nervous and so thrilled at the same time, I stuck both hands out when he stood up to put the ring on me lol! This was a moment we have both been waiting patiently for, and man it was sweet. I can’t WAIT to be his wife. He told me we had a weekend full of surprises, which ended up being a trip to visit my parents early the next morning (his parents helped set up the table and it was awesome to share the moment), dinner at a steakhouse just the two of us immediately following the proposal, and two surprise parties, one of our friends, and one with his whole family – best weekend ever!! He did so well, and I’m so lucky:-)

Special Thanks

Nicolette Boaz
 | Photographer