Brianna and Cristian

Image 1 of Brianna and Cristian

How We Met: When I was in first grade and Cristian was in third grade, we were neighbors who would play outside together and I would watch scary movies with his older sister. Eventually, my family and I moved to a new neighborhood but our families remained friends throughout the years. Cristian and I went to different high schools but after finishing my freshman year, we soon reconnected and began hanging out with one another. While I played hard-to-get, Cristian remained very persistent and, well, the rest is history! This is us from Christmas 1997; I was six and he was eight.

how they asked: As a late father’s day surprise, my mom told me that we were going to Temecula for a hot air balloon ride. I was so excited knowing that we would be surprising my dad, and I knew he was going to love his surprise. Little did I know, the surprise was really on me! On the morning of Friday, June 26th, my family, Cristian, and I drove up to a beautiful winery in Temecula and my dad played the perfect part in acting surprised. Excitedly, we watched the balloons fill up with air and climbed into our baskets shortly after. The view was amazing and we were lifting off just in time for the sunrise. About an hour into our ride, Cristian exclaimed, “Look Brianne! Someone is getting married.”

I quickly looked down to see an enormous sign that read “Marry Me” across it. Confused, I wondered why there was this massive sign but no people next to it. Where were the people who were getting married? More persistently, Cristian announced, “Someone is proposing! Who could be proposing?” Right then, I knew exactly who was proposing and who would be getting married. My stomach twisted excitedly and I looked to my left to see Cristian holding out the most beautiful ring and asking for forever. I was speechless and for the second hour of the balloon ride, I was on cloud nine. When we landed, Cristian then had one more surprise up his sleeve.

Image 2 of Brianna and Cristian

He played a video for me with the song “Best Day of My Life” in the background, and the video consisted of multiple pictures of our close family and friends holding signs of congratulations. The video brought me to tears as this moment finally sank in, and I was so touched by his thoughtfulness and the amount of love that went into his proposal. This was by far the best day of my life.